Evil and the Sleeping Giants

What Evil Fears Most!

What Evil Fears Most!

From this 1989 scene in China to the more recent outbreaks of civil unrest in Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Ukraine & Venezuela, we are witnessing the old familiar with a frightening new twist. In each and every case we are dealing with corrupt government crossing the line of one abuse too many. Up until recently, these abusive governing-governed relationships existed in a paradigm orchestrated within national borders fed here and there by external sponsors with competing interests. Along came the multi-national corporations and central banks and we are now faced with a tsunami-like paradigm shift that is shaking the very foundation of the world. The power of evil is coalescing in such a way as to make the gathering storm Churchill foresaw in the last century seem like a tempest in a teapot.

Government is like an artichoke. The farther out you go from the heart of your “local” representation, the more heartlessly distasteful it becomes…until what remains is practically inedible! With the artichoke it is the taste that diminishes the further we get from the heart. With government, it is accountability!

There are many Americans who have a sense of what is going on, who believe as Michael Voris does , that “most American voters are stupid.” I disagree. I believe that many have been misinformed, in denial or simply victims of their own wishful thinking and normalcy bias. This would certainly explain the slow and gradual awakening to the reality of the proverbial man behind the curtain, and what his intentions are. You may be aware of the YouGov poll released earlier this week that revealed 71% of the voters who re-elected Obama are suffering buyers’ remorse!

The problem is that the American Citizen is like a patient waking up in post-op, groggy and thirty-three and a third compared to the sprinting oligarch in full stride racing to secure the final restraint before the patient’s awareness and adrenalin kick in!

There resides within the heart of every man a sleeping giant. My trip to WashingtonDC on September 12, 2009 with a million fellow patriots was all the smelling salts my giant needed! I can only guess what it was for the man who finally stood for freedom to face the tanks in Tiananmen Square, or the man who literally burned for it on the street in Tunisia. But I promise you that each single man delivered a deeper and more devastating wound to the tyrants black heart than any thousand insurgents could ever dream of!

The mistake citizen protestors make time and time again is to negotiate with evil at the very moment they have wounded it, effectively handing evil the victory while signing their own death warrants. Our Founders were wise enough to know better…they would “indeed hang together or they would most assuredly hang separately!”

There is no negotiating with what lurks behind the curtain because its nature is purely diabolical and immoral with an insatiable appetite for power. Think about what the Voris clip is suggesting. That any truly functioning democratic republic could possibly reward failure, dereliction and quite possibly treason with the title Madam President is proof that we are not. Period! Any negotiation with evil gives evil time to strengthen and regroup. They are about to learn this in the Ukraine…people will begin to disappear.

Ironically, the last time our Sleeping Giant stirred was on December 7th, 1941 when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. He simply turned over and went back to sleep on 9/11! But Pearl Harbor was a “collective” awakening. I say ironic because we were a free society of individuals then. Since then the individual has been effectively herded into easily managed stockyards for the collective and common good. This time around it is the “individual” that must be awakened, and only God has the power to accomplish this on the scale required! In any case, most of us are in for one rude awakening my friends…the sooner, the better!


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