Has Truth Become Un-Electable?

Nothing to get hung about...

Nothing to get hung about…

“I think she (Hillary Clinton) is a good role model, one of the most effective Secretaries of States, greatest ambassadors for the American People that I’ve known in my lifetime.” ~ Republican (?) Senator, Lindsay Graham

“I said on Kimmel that both President Bush the younger and Barack Obama are patriots because they served their country,” ~ Independent (?) Commentator, Bill O’Reilly

It’s been rumored that Lewis Carroll is coming back for new material! Even he would be shocked to find nothing short of a mind-altering Strawberry Fields-like dream turned nightmare where nothing is real…and plenty to get hung about! Have you listened to the MSM talking heads in lock-step ahead of the November elections? They are crafting the narrative that total capitulation to the failed policies of big government and the most un-American President in history is the only possible hope Republicans have! Has Truth become the un-electable pariah of our time? Obama a “Patriot”? Clinton a “role model” for what…un-accountability, desertion, cowardicebetrayal? On what planet does connecting these qualities to the word “Role Model” make any sense at all?

Un-accountability is merely the tip of the Ruling Class Iceberg! Oh, if only their elitist transgressions were just about traffic jams and speeding tickets. No, these are merely symptoms of a much deeper personality disorder. To quote William Wallace, “(They) think the people of this country exist to provide (them) with position”!

The sad reality is that we have become a nation “that,” as Robert the Bruce lectured Wallace, “has no sense of itself”! Worse than that, we are a nation of junkies in deep denial…What tyrant doesn’t dream of a country full of stoned-out dependents to rule! As David Kupelian puts it, “While America in the Age of Obama spins spectacularly out of control – as her culture, morals, laws, institutions, government, economy and overall wellbeing continue to disintegrate before our eyes, and as the forces of evil worldwide wax stronger and more menacing in the shadow of America’s ever-growing feebleness – our solution is: Get high!”

A Democratic governor declares good and decent hard-working Americans who hold Conservative values and respect the word of God, “unwelcome” in his state…while the Republican governors formally surrender to the corrupt evil of Obamacare at the White House! And just as we’re thinking it doesn’t get any crazier than this, along comes our Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power (wife of Cass Sunstein) with the cherry on top, as she tells the world that the televised beheading of journalist Daniel Pearl by heartless savages “could have been prevented by individual accountability and reconciliation.”

Still not convinced we’ve eclipsed our own loony event horizon? Try this one on for size. Knowing that the current administration is literally seeded with whacked-out Islam apologists like Power brings loving thy neighbor to a whole new dimension! Wasn’t it another famous Ruling Class Nazi who once said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”? 😦

There are those of us still sober, honest and…stubborn enough to resist the cold wet blanket of demoralization they are literally attempting to bury us in. I will tell you that my last word is not so far away, for there is no underground for me. I only pray that I live long enough to witness the turning of the hearts in those I love before my time. There are some encouraging signs to be sure!  🙂

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