Winning Minds with Song at CPAC!

I can listen to and respect another man's music without havin' to dance to it!

I can listen to and respect another man’s music without havin’ to dance to it!

“ We have literally watched every CPAC conference held over the last ten years and this is the first time we’ve ever seen organizers schedule a break in the middle of program so that a right-wing folk singer could perform Conservative protest songs on the main stage. But that is exactly what happened today when Big Dawg Music Mafia (“Where Conservative Is Cool”) was given a few minutes to promote singer Chip Murray who entertained the crowd with insightful lyrics like:

“Obama’s in the White House now, you’d better grab your honey,

God and guns are all we need, let’s let ’em take the money””

~ Right Wing

Well, well, well; come gather ‘round people wherever you roam“Right-wing folk singer”, “Conservative protest songs” and my favorite “rock star” from a kinder and gentler Miss Betsy! As I joked with my 21-year-old fellow protest-singer-roommate Ben Nanke from Salem Oregon, “If we were rock stars, our furniture would be down there in the courtyard by now!”

Now “protest singer” I can live with! I’m sure we Americans didn’t invent the protest song, but we’ve always been very good at it. Lisa Mei and co-founder Andrew Big Dawg of Big Dawg Music Mafia  figured out that we need to touch American hearts before we will ever be able to win American minds, and so they set up America’s first musical Dawg Pound and welcomed a bunch of us tail-wagging, barking rebels into the pack.

One of the most amazing moments of the 3 day conference for me came right after my main stage set when I paused in the back-stage hallway to watch Dan Bongino’s speech which cut eloquently direct to the heart of our protest! You have to be able to visualize this to fully appreciate the moment. There I was standing in that hallway between two very big black gentlemen who were either hotel staff or security…just the three of us glued to the former secret serviceman’s speech. The three of us knew we were listening to Truth straight-up in the city of lies!

The next most amazing moment was Ben Nanke turning me on to a whole new reason to feel encouraged and hopeful. We went out Thursday night after the CPAC party to an event organized by Libertarian-leaning Millennials (kids in their twenties) who understand the con and realize they’re being screwed! The place was mobbed! I knew in that moment that not only was this a fast-growing phenomena; I knew this would be the beginning of the end of the con artists! 🙂

The CPAC organizer’s loved us and have already booked us for next year! Not because we’re the next Justin Timberlake, Beyonce or Adam Levine…but because WE are the musical version of Dan Bongino! If you want pretty, you sure as heck don’t want me. If you’re looking for the next “voice”, I’m sure not it. But if you are looking for the kind of in-your-face courage and authenticity that made America GREAT, the Big Dawg Pen has exactly what you came for, which happens to include the youthful soul of Ben Nanke!

Get it while it’s hot! 😉


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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  1. Chip, this is soooo cool! Congrats!

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