The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ March 9th, 2014

Honor, Courage & Integrity

Honor, Courage & Integrity

Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend! It has always amazed me how life brings material to us if we’re simply observant enough to see, hear and feel it as it manifests wherever we happen to be. The second part of this of course has to do with purpose and who we really are. I pray every night before bed and set intention for the fusion of one with the other…

                                           Moral Courage

Waking up each morning, I pray for the strength to go where my prayers and God’s answers lead me. Having just returned from CPAC, I have some observations to share that I hope you will take to heart.

To set the stage, David Kupelian wrote that “we don’t understand evil, what it is or how it works.” I would take that a step further and say that we are being conditioned to accept and ignore it at the same time…like the crazy but harmless uncle at the family get-togethers.

In his book Profiles in Courage, JFK wrote this about his profiled subjects, “Some demonstrated courage through their unyielding devotion to absolute principle. Others demonstrated courage through the acceptance of compromise, through their advocacy of conciliation, through their willingness to replace conflict with co-operation.” He went on to quote Lincoln: “There are few things wholly evil or wholly good. Almost everything, especially of Government policy, is an inseparable compound of the two, so that our best judgment of the preponderance between them is continually demanded.”

Reflecting on JFK’s “profiles”, published in 1956, as I stood on the floor at CPAC observing the traffic of political men and those who follow them, I have to say that Kupelian’s words haunt far more than Kennedy’s and Lincoln’s soothe. In fact I’d say that Lincoln’s preponderance has become Christie’s surrender!

I wonder to what extent the Catholic author of these profiles, on the very eve of Vatican II, actually gave evil the upper hand and relative smooth sailing from that moment on? In the world of land-use as it relates to zoning and community development, there is a term known as “build-out-analysis”. This is what is required of a developer who comes before a municipal or regional planning board to present his project. It simply provides the community a vision of the end-game so they can more accurately assess the project’s impact on schools, traffic, water & sewer capacity, etc.

I have no way of knowing or measuring JFK’s heart as he made his observations in 1956 after his years in the Senate. I can only tell you what 60 years of observing has brought to my heart here in 2014. The “build-out-analysis” of evil is real, it’s incremental and it is centralizing…gathering strength and momentum each and every day! Think about this… You probably don’t know who Dan Ponder Jr. (R-GA) was. I didn’t either, but Dan Ponder Jr. was the Georgia legislator who received the 2003 Profile in Courage Award for his role in birthing what we now know as “Hate Crimes”.

Today, those of us in the Liberty Movement are able to see that hate crimes are the tools of darkness masquerading as tools of justice in a world where Christians are routinely persecuted and the free speech of freedom-fighters “must be smashed”…because they are hateful fascists don’t ya know!

Unfortunately for all of us there are far too many men and women in positions of power who either have yet to figure out what exactly they are up against, or they have already surrendered to it. I can only tell you from my own personal experience that when you stand up to evil, you draw it in upon you…and the higher you stand, the harder it comes. Singing “Ode to the Welfare State” on the CPAC stage was the highest point for me…followed by a caustic flow of truly vile and hateful comments that can best be described as purely diabolical in nature…which we must be able to take with a smile. 🙂

What I can also tell you from experience, is that when we stand in his name, God has our back! I had the opportunity, as life presented itself to me, to look two gentlemen directly in the eyes at CPAC. First it was Governor Christie. As we passed each other in a very narrow hallway backstage and exchanged greetings, I could see the tentative look in his eyes as he seemed to measure me in order to assess me as friend or foe. Next it was Allen West I passed as he was coming out of the parking garage I was heading into. There was nothing tentative about our exchange or the look in his eyes, only the light of knowing. “Good morning, God bless you sir!” I said. “Good morning to you sir…God keeps me!” he replied.

Two men, both Republicans…one courting capitulation, appeasement and compromise; the other married to honor, courage and integrity. “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” Witch season are we in I wonder? 

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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