Is it Time for the “Square Peg in the Round Hole Society” to Give Back the Keys?

The Constitution Quest Board Game

The Constitution Quest Board Game

Do you remember Barack Obama’s first clever little campaign shtick chiding the Republicans for running the proverbial car into the ditch and demanding the keys back? Well we gave them back and not only has the ditch become a sink hole, we seem to have found ourselves captives in Lewis Carroll’s famous rabbit hole by what I can only describe as the “Square Peg in the Round Hole Society”!

Yesterday I saw these two Letters to the Editor in our local Warwick Advertiser that came from members of the SPRHS. The first was from Middle School Mom whose son was bullied. She writes “Those who intimidate, torment, harass or bully should be taught that they have to assume responsibility for their actions – not be the ones left without consequences.” The second was from another society member who expresses a very familiar SPRHS view about having to throw more money that we don’t have at public education…comparing us to South Korea. He writes The (South) Korean commitment to education is far superior to our own here in the United States.” But face the facts’ “money can’t buy genius” doesn’t seem to back his assertion up at all! We spend $11,000 per student to their $6,723 and they’re still cleaning our reading, math and science clocks! 😦

So I’m sending off my Letter to the SPRHS via the Editor today commending their compassion and concerns for the children but asking why we they seem so hell-bent on surrendering what was once their authority, power and control to government to do so poorly what we all used to do 10 times better when we did it ourselves! At the same exact moment they are writing their letters, Rahm Emanuel is doubling your property tax if you live in Chicago, Chris Christie is raising them to a new record for those of you in NJ, and County Executive Steve Neuhaus just referred to Orange County as a “sinking ship” for those of us living here! I urged my SPRHS friends to join me in turning our ship around to reclaim the friendlier waters of common sense and suggested that Middle School Mom enroll her wonderful son in Sensei Finke’s dojo where he will learn self-reliance and self-confidence…two wonderful teachers in and of themselves! 🙂

Until they are able to see these things for themselves, I am afraid we will all be here for some time to come. So perhaps we should look at the bright side and in the spirit of Chris Christie’s “Let’s talk about what we’re for instead of what we’re against!”…let’s consider the SPRHS Accomplishments:


  • Common Core ~ “2 + 2 = 5 & 3 x 4 = 11 being wrong is less important than how they came up with the answer.”
  • Indoctrination and social engineering in place of education!
  • Awarding something as important as the Nobel Peace Prize on the basis of zero merit and accomplishment.
  • The stifling of open and honest dialogue through political correctness!
  • “Global Warming & Climate Change will cause an increase in rape & terrorism!”
  • Rodeo Clowns banned for life, and sensitivity training for the industry for making fun of Presidents!
  • Ruling Class Politicians exempt and enrich themselves while we are criminalized and impoverished!
  • Enslaving future generations with a debt they will never be able to repay!
  • The glorification of sin and the demonization of virtue!
  • The rewarding of failure and punishment of success!
  • The dispatch of cronies as unqualified Ambassadors to critical places!
  • The deliberate incitement of Class Warfare!
  • 48 million Americans on Food Stamps!
  • A 3,000 page Affordable Care Act bill, that nobody read, isn’t affordable, doesn’t work and can’t track the people it was supposed to cover!
  • An IRS that targets those of us with dissenting views!
  • An NSA that can break into our own homes and personal lives, shattering the 4th Amendment!
  • Abortion – Murder of the Most Innocent becomes Women’s Rights in War on Women?
  • Oh yes, I almost forgot…WWlll!

It’s too painful to continue…and I don’t think there is enough “free space” on the internet to fit all of the many accomplishments of the SPRHS. In all fairness, they would simply respond by calling us the Flat Earth Society. But at least when the FES had the keys, we had this thing called “common sense” that empowered men to create this marvelous societal blueprint! And now its a board-game! Would anybody care to play…for old times’s sake? 


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2 Responses to Is it Time for the “Square Peg in the Round Hole Society” to Give Back the Keys?

  1. ea says:

    Don’t forget the hypocrisy of politicians and entertainers who try to disarm you (one way or another) as they cower behind their armed goons.
    Maybe I’m getting nostalgic at 54 but weren’t things at least a little better when most people taught their children the Bible and elected politicians who respected the beliefs of the common man and did not try to eradicate Christianity from the public sphere?
    I know B.O. is just a puppet, but I must pass along this chuckle ” Twenty five years ago we had Ronald Reagan, Johnny Cash and Bob Hope. Now we have Obama, no cash and no hope.” -Anonymous

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