“Mike Huckabee Wary of Libertarianism”

Good Seeds Gone Bad!

Good Seeds Gone Bad!

In a never-ending sea of socio-political headlines, there are a few from time to time that seem to grab me for one reason or another. I saw the one up top in my email this past Tuesday and it got me thinking…

I am sure Washington was wary of the French, but could we have achieved our independence without them? I did not get a chance to read the Huckabee article, but my guess is that his “wariness” stems from Libertarians’ liberal-leanings in the social space. The interesting thing is that I find myself identifying politically as a Libertarian, and socially as a Catholic…which has been a somewhat difficult pill for my Liberal Jewish wife to swallow, I must tell you.

Our first evening at CPAC, a bunch of us who identify as Conservatives got together for dinner. After the first couple of beers, we found ourselves to be united politically and divided socially. I got myself into trouble fast enough after revealing my Catholic faith to a woman from Virginia who feels that everyone should be free to “marry” anyone they choose. I told her that for me personally, the Catholic Church with all of its imperfections and internal dysfunction offered me the one thing missing from all other earthly institutions; the manifestation of Truth as embodied by the physical presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. Their firm stand on the sanctity of life and the union of marriage in the face of a rising tide of Godless Progressive gobbledygook is ground I can stand on and doctrine I can live with! But these are my personal views which I would never seek to impose on another.

And yet even in the Catholic Church, liturgical orthodoxy is being diluted and watered down. Just this past weekend Cardinal Timothy Dolan affirmed David Gregory’s assertion that un-repentant homosexuality is a “courageous” virtue…on Meet the Pressfor all the world to see! “Good for him! God bless him! Bravo!” said the jolly old Cardinal in support of gay football player Michael Sam! What is happening here?

Let’s start by taking a closer look at orthodoxy since we all seem to be running from it…or it might even be more accurate to say, we’re being led away from it. Orthodoxy (pure, straight) exists politically and socially. Politically it exists as Conservatism. Just as darkness does not really exist because it is technically the absence of light…Liberalism does not truly exist because it is simply the absence of Conservatism! So it is socially with Orthodox Judaism and Liberal Reform Judaism. And in the Catholic Church we have the original orthodox Latin Mass and it’s liberalized counter part Novus Ordo after Vatican II which, in my humble opinion, is the source of Dolan’s cowardly error! I would argue that you could boil all three examples down to Truth versus its two adversaries, absence of truth in its various forms and reason. Why did the American Revolution succeed so miraculously while the French Revolution failed so tragically? Because our founders bowed to the Grace of God while the French bowed to the Reason of Man!

So again, what is going on and what does all this have to do with Huckabee’s wariness of Libertarianism? Orthodoxy must have a home but it cannot be politically forced on a truly free society. And socially, in the same free society, it can only take seed within the heart of the Individual, free from external coercion! And that, I believe, is the very same realization the Framers came to when they founded the United States of America as a government of, for and by the people…and why they set the freedom of religion as our very first right! Because they understood that the innate tendency and desire of every free man is Truth, just as every seedling reaches for the sun!   

I think of my own journey and how through life experience I’ve morphed from Liberal to Conservative and from Protestant to Pagan 🙂 to Buddhist to Catholic. It was my own personal evolution from inside out. The heart will find the light…

The Millennials are no different Mike Huckabee! Libertarianism is a much healthier start than Paganism or Buddhism! Just give them good soil, lots of water and plenty of light…and watch them grow! 😉

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5 Responses to “Mike Huckabee Wary of Libertarianism”

  1. ea says:

    I too am wary of Libertarianism. A Libertarian without the foundation of God’s Word, (the Bible) is no better than an anarchist, for he has nothing but the fickle reasoning of man to base law upon. I love Roman Catholics. I am also wary of Roman Catholics. As I am wary of anyone who would follow a human being without question, (popery.) Who appoints “Cardinals?” How can one who affirms sexual deviancy remain a leader in the R.C. church?
    After being raised in the R.C. church, I started to study it’s history. Space does not allow me to list the many abuses of the R.C. church starting with it’s joining with the state under Constantine. And the many practices which have no basis in or are in direct opposition to the Holy Scriptures.
    It appears that the R.C church is on the path of conformity in order to remain popular much like the hierarchy of the Republican party. Sad.
    Once you see the alignment of the Roman Catholic church (“the woman” in Revelation 17:6) with the power of the state again, you will know the fulfillment of all things is near.

  2. Chip Murray says:

    I do not see the Church united in “conformity”…I see it very much divided.

    • ea says:

      When I refer to “R.C. church” I mean those in charge. Lately, the statements of those in leadership seem to be conforming to the world.
      P.S. I have been honored to march with my catholic brethren to raise awareness about the evils of abortion and re-defining marriage. I wish more of my non-catholic brethren would.

  3. Chip Murray says:

    There’s the spirit and the point I was trying to make…we need to stay true to ourselves and our faith while working together as kindred souls in the cause of Liberty!

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