Lawlessness & Individual Liberty

Do as I say, not as I do!

Do as I say, not as I do!

I had to laugh several weeks ago when Senator Marco Rubio pointed an accusatory finger at Putin’s Russia for their lawlessness and corruption during a press interview. We used to hold that moral high ground…once upon a time. We used to be the shining city, the nation of laws and presidents who “faithfully” upheld them. This is no longer the case.

Everywhere you look, and I mean everywhere…lawlessness and corruption have become the rule. From Utah to Pennsylvania and New York…why did Obama’s “Justice” Department pull the FBI off their investigation of Senators Reid & Lee? Why are so many public servants choosing to betray the public trust?

How did the Empire State become the “pay-to-play” state? One of the most revered and respected attorneys in Orange County, New York just found himself on the front page of the Times Herald Record for allegedly placing his own interest involving land, loans and law before the interest of a community he has served for so many years. All of this, in the same community where developers for Hasidim are investigated for violating election laws in the west as they seek to annex land in the east!

This is how Putin is able to “ridicule” Obama. He knows, along with the rest of the world, that Obama is a complete and total hypocrite! How does a person with zero respect for the laws and constitution of his own country even begin to discuss the fate of the Ukraine with Putin?

The people of Ukraine and the people of Orange County, New York have much in common. We all seek the fruit of individual liberty and suffer the yoke of corrupt politicians and the lawlessness that feeds them! How is it that we seem to have forgotten what they have never really known? That we were, once upon a time, one nation under God? God’s law…natural law…the most solid societal foundation the world has ever known, has been forsaken for the complete and utter chaos of self-interest!

Obama’s enemy is not Russia or Al Qaida! Obama’s enemy is the Tea Party because the Tea Party is the only real formidable entity holding his feet to the fire and demanding a return to constitutional government and rule of law…and the ONLY hope for individual liberty in the world! Period!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to Lawlessness & Individual Liberty

  1. Mike S. says:

    Unfortunately, I must agree. Our current administration has, a lying traitor, Mr Kerry, a coward, Mr Holder, a politically inept VP, a former Sec of State, Mrs Clinton-Rodham, a cowardly liar, who is personnally responsible for the murders of 4 Americans, the head of the Senate Mr Reid, a baltant foolish liar, former speaker, Mrs Pilosei, just a plain dumb, lying, un-informed Catholic and our President, a socilalist, liar,and a dangerously stubborn man. How sad for all Americans. It is time for the power elite to be voted out of office for the good of America. When any leader has numerous weakness, as ours does, all his peers will be of the same mold. I truly wish to run for office to bring back a Washington, Lincoln,& TR type of leader. One that will be honest, make the tough decisions and one who will treat Americans, not an incompetent, helpless people, but as resourcful, family valued, business minded, service driven and strong . We are a Christian nation, that the Lord has grant exceptional greatness to. We have to bring back the country of our fathers and mothers. They deserve it and so do we! When I wave a flag, it’s the American flag. Do you have a better one? My country is not perfect, but she is still the best, and I support her no matter what. I am an American 1st and only. How many people in this country have loyalties to other nations? You are an American and not a citizen of the world. If you choose not to be then, leave. It’s OK, no problem, have a good life in the country that’s in your heart. Good luck and Bye!

  2. ea says:

    I must disagree with you Mike. We once were but are no longer a “Christian nation.” A Christian nation would have a majority of it’s elected leaders respecting and living Christian lives, as a reflection of the majority of the populace. It would not promote and establish laws that sacrifice unborn human beings on the altar of self-centeredness. It would not have publicly funded secular humanist indoctrination centers. It would not espouse sexual behavior contrary to the Word of God or promote a new and sacrilegious definition of marriage. And it would not entertain and drug itself into a state of disinterest and depravity.
    Yes we are “under God” as all nations are. But only in the sense that we cannot escape the consequences of our rebellion against Him. God help us.

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