KJ, Teachers Unions, Parasites & Vampires

I Vant to Drink Your Taxes!

I Vant to Drink Your Taxes!

We have this tiny compartment of time called life in which to organize ourselves in such a way as to make it as pleasant an experience as possible. The quality of our relationship to people, places and things will determine our experience as much as anything I can imagine…

On this week’s “Arena of Ideas” radio show, we focused on two Letters to the Editor that had come into the Warwick Advertiser’s March 14th issue. The first was from a Middle School Mom looking for something to be done about bullying, and the second was from someone complaining that we don’t spend enough money on public education. Setting the stage for these two topics, I brought up the doubling of property taxes in Chicago, NJ hitting a property tax record, Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus declaring Orange County a “sinking ship” while the Hasidic community of Kiryas Joel (KJ), which is 80% welfare dependent, is seeking to annex 500 acres from it’s “neighbor” Monroe, NY!  

In addition to these stage-setting developments I mentioned, my partner Joe appealed to our better angels by encouraging callers to avoid the counter-productive trap of personal attack, labels and name-calling. Along comes caller Mel from Middletown…

“People are stupid!” Mel growls. “Tell us how you really feel!” Joe responds. “How do you feel about the term “intellectually lazy” in place of the word stupid?” I ask. “It’s just another way of saying stupid.” he answers. “How about Rush Limbaugh’s term “low information voter”?” I ask. “He’s a moron!” he snaps! “How do you identify politically?” I ask. “Life long Democrat and Union man…the Democrats have always been for the working man.” he replies. “Really, then how do you explain Governor Scott Walker’s success in Wisconsin? Aren’t the tax-payers of Wisconsin working men and women too? Did they have a seat at your collective bargaining table? Didn’t all the people of Wisconsin benefit from Governor Walker turning their sinking ship of deficit into a healthy surplus?” I queried him. “That’s different.” he replied. “Thanks for the call Mel!” Joe & I chimed.

And that, my friends, is the perfect illustration of our relationship with one another…in this life…at this moment in time! But there’s SO much more to this picture. The most important word I used in the KJ annexation development is neighbor. Most of us enjoy the pleasant experiences associated with having good relationships with good neighbors. Some of us, myself included, have also had the experience of the bad neighbor (rent the movie Pacific Heights).

Good neighbors look out for one another, do they not? The Bruderhof and KJ are both religious communities that enjoy tax-exempt status in Orange County, NY. The Bruderhof is Christian, KJ is Jewish. Both communities pray to the same God. The Bruderhof Community in Chester,NY is less than a quarter mile from my home. They have a factory in the Chester Industrial Park where they “produce” wooden toys for children. They have helped to shovel me out of deep snow on more than one occasion. They stop by with fruits and vegetables from their gardens. They look after sick neighbors whose husbands have passed away. They make wheelchair ramps for handicapped town residents and ask for nothing in return. Essentially, they don’t just love their neighbor…they practice it daily by living it daily! Beyond their tax-exempt status, I believe they are mostly self-sufficient. This is clearly not the case with our friends in the Hasidim Community. They are already a greater welfare burden on their neighbors (us) than all the welfare recipients from all the other Orange County towns and villages combined! The FBI just raided the offices and homes of the major developer looking to dramatically expand their presence in Bloomingburg as part of their “election fraud” investigation. As good neighbors, we all have to look out for our self-interest. But good neighbors don’t break the law and game the system to pursue their own self-interest at the expense of others who are struggling themselves! That would make them very bad neighbors…

…which leads us to public unions; how would teachers unions who put their own self-interests before the interests of our children’s education be considered anything other than bad neighbors? They are directly responsible for the closing of NYC charter schools where the students out-performed their city-wide peers 82%-30% in math skills and 58%-26% in reading skills!

Annexing property you can’t afford only to bring in more people who are either unwilling or unable to pay their way is parasitic at best. Good neighbors don’t live off the hard work of others while draining their vital resources. And good neighbors don’t steal the dreams of our youth and suck the productive life energy out of our best creators and innovators leaving the rest of us without a say in their so-called collective bargaining agreements! Tax-payers who do not engage and fight back as they are now starting to do in Monroe (watch Legislator Mike Anagnostakes at 21 minutes!), will have simply resigned themselves as helpless hosts to the parasites and vampires of society!


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5 Responses to KJ, Teachers Unions, Parasites & Vampires

  1. ea says:

    Chip, it is clear you hate teachers. Don’t you know that they have the hardest job in the world. Don’t you know they need to make more money so they can pay higher union dues so the union can send more money to Democrats and Republicrats to stay in office and appoint judges to keep God out of school and raise our taxes so we can pay teachers more so they can pay higher union dues so……

  2. Chip Murray says:

    Ha! Mr. Tongue-in-cheek…I still remember my 1st grade teacher Mrs. Richardson from Cherry Brook School in Canton, Ct with nothing but love in my heart. The unions have lost touch with reality and quality of the product. They have only themselves to blame IMHO. Killing the competition is not a solution!

  3. Mike S. says:

    As a union member I must say that unions are a kind of political action group. They are there to protect their members and help get them raises and benefits that provide for their members and their families. Now, the root of the problem seems to be 2 fold. One, too many social programs drain untold monies from the taxpayer’s pockets. Two, the political misuse of public funds is undeniable on every level. What Gov Walker did was financial responsible, but again the politicians failed to take responsibility for their horrible fiscal polices. They misuse the money then blame the taxpayers, union and non-union people, for the lack of money. Then they say we must control spending when in reality we don’t spend the money, they do! Pensions are paid for partially by the employee. If you mis-spend the funds that are reserved for the pensions, why are the people who paid for their pensions the bad guys. Is not that the responsiblity of the elected officials to see that these funds are there when it comes time to pay the person. Again we seem to be killing the messenger. Now, contracts come every year or two or so. Most budgets are designed for 10 years down the road. So the money is placed in accounts which receive higher interest rates, due to the large amount of funds. It is rolled daily or weekly. The raises are paid for with the interest made even before the raise is do. If negotiations lag the funds make more and this money helps with any retro. If the administration misuses the funds, who’s fault is that? True, social programs may receive that money, but again why are the taxpayers, in this case unions, made to be the bad guys? Correct this politically driven mentality of blaming taxpayers for the poor cash management of elected officials. They must stop illegal people from draining funds from taxpayers. That is step one. Stop giving just to give and get citizens jobs so they will contribute and not drain the funds from all. Education gets you a job. Learn the language, and whatever else it takes. That is the best answer we can provide. Thanks for the time to comment.

  4. Chip Murray says:

    It should also be pointed out that any nefariousness at the union level resides with the bosses for the most part, rather than the rank & file. My best friend is a Teamster…but he would not be if his last name were Hoffa. To be honest, I don’t understand the need for unions today. I do understand the destructive impact of promises that should never have been made (in order to get elected) in the form of unfunded liabilities hanging over the heads of ALL taxpayers like the sword of Damocles…

  5. rxoyehnl says:

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