Home Rule, The Sovereign Citizen & The War on America!



“The Governor is, I say, hostile to the number of local governments in New York.” ~ Gerald Benjamin, Former Director of the Center for the New York State & Local Government

The quote above was taken from yesterday’s T-Herald Record and their front-page story about our “Progressive” Governor’s relentless drive to replace local control with a more regional and centralized authority. Isn’t it funny, or in our case tragic, how things become so much clearer in the rear-view mirror? What a brilliant Master Plan! Mandate local governments to the brink of insolvency; pull the purse strings back to Albany, and then make ‘em an offer they’re too desperate to refuse! I use the term Master Plan because slaves are made in such ways! Cede local (individual) sovereignty (control) to the State…all for the common good and “mandate relief”, as our local “Regionalism” cheerleader Jonathan Drapkin is quick to point out! It’s the exact same bait-and-switch behind the never-ending madness of the EU in Brussels and ALL that is wrong in Washington, D.C.!

If you stop to think about it, there is an elitist assumption/common denominator inherent in every single one of their central planning schemes; The Obamacare fix for healthcare, the Common Core fix for education and the Regionalism (Agenda 21) fix to magically transform un-sustainable communities into sustainable ones, all require us to see our selves as idiots and helpless “individuals” unworthy of anything other than total  subordination to the Collective on its way to the Progressive Promised Land. This would all be wonderful except for two minor flaws;

A) None of this stuff works!

B) It is the exact opposite polar antithesis of what makes America…America! In other words, it is a War on America!

We already know the “Catastrophe” that is Obamacare, so I’ll spare you that pain. And many of you are beginning to understand that something is terribly wrong at the core of their plans to “fix” our schools. You haven’t even scratched the shiny red surface yet. You MUST read this! And all of you who are considering the surrender of your local voice to the wonders of “Regionalism”, please review THIS if you live in the State of New York, and visit HERE for those of you in the rapidly sinking state of California!

So why on earth would the people pushing these bigger is better schemes want us to see ourselves as all of a sudden incapable of solving the same basic societal needs we have always handled so successfully in the past? How could we have built the world’s greatest superpower without top notch healthcare and superior education if we didn’t have sustainable communities to begin with? Is it possible that the only thing unsustainable about our communities is the suffocating burden of expanding government?

There could never have been a Hitler, Stalin, Mao or Pol Pot without the collapse of Home Rule and the surrender of the Individual…the Sovereign Citizen! These Cretans would certainly never have come to power, if we knew then what we know now! And they always come for the guns in the end!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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