Into the Light

"I will never leave you nor forsake you"

“I will never leave you nor forsake you”

“Love is a shadow when you’re too scared to fight. If you want her to love you, turn into the light.” ~ Chip Murray, from the song Guilty. 

I was discussing the fascinating story of a botched murder plot-gone-bad with a friend of the intended victim the other day. The intended victim was the sole heir to a sizable fortune…sizable enough to lure top law enforcement and judicial officials as conspirators. As the initial attempt failed and the conspirators began to lose control of the situation, risking their own exposure, it became clear that it is much easier to die in the dark than it is once you’ve made it into the light! How is it that I should have such a friend? Who is this playwright who’s brought us together, for what purpose?

“It’s hard to remember, so tough to forget; but the purpose of living hasn’t dawned on me yet.” ~ Guilty

Interestingly, as we were concluding our conversation, the intended victim called my friend and he introduced us. I’m not sure why I said what I said, or where the words came from, but I said “The more we know the more frightened we should be, and yet…there is no fear in this place.”  She had called to share Joshua 1:5…

Now this separate incident in and of itself is bountiful with grist of the mill, as they say. But it is merely a word on the page of a much greater book that is open for the good of heart to see. How eerily similar is this failed plot to the Fed’s bungled Bundy fiasco in Bunkerville, Nevada? I say you could practically overlay the two! In fact, just as the initial plot of the conspirators failed with the intended victim which led to the fall-back plan of discrediting their target as incompetent, a well orchestrated media mortar round of “Racism” hits the bulls-eye center of the Bundy Camp! Who didn’t see that coming? 

“So I talked to my Gibson, and she talks to me. And she tells me that livin’ is just s’posed to be the dance of the dreamer in search of the dream…like the fight of the Walleye swimmin’ upstream.” ~ Guilty

What I personally find most fascinating and revealing about the adventures of Cliven Bundy is how a guy who does not come across as particularly brilliant has managed to not only draw the evil of the Federal Oligarchs out into the light for all the world to see…he has exposed the cowardice of the Republican Party right along with it!  Bundy Press Release- Racial Controversy The charge of Racist rings a little hollow when the very man you are allegedly discriminating against would “take a bullet” for you!

Let’s turn the page shall we? Now I personally don’t believe one has to fly closer to God in order to hear what he has to say, but I was 30,000 feet closer when he introduced me to Barbara Brown Taylor on the front page of Time magazine in their April 28th cover story “Finding God in the Dark”. I thought to myself, “Leave it to the good folks at Time to find the modern-day Martina Luther/ Progressive Pied Piper (author of Leaving the Church) to lead us into the darkness!” But why should they want us in the dark?

Which brings us to the most remarkable panel discussion on Whistleblowers I happened to tune into on C-Span the very next day.  I use the word remarkable because Whistleblowing by definition is the act of bringing dark corrupt and illegal acts hidden from and harmful to the public into the light! And I use the word remarkable because the entire room of journalists young and old now realize the “4th and 5th Estate’s” are under assault and the greatest threat to our Democratic freedoms is the man they all voted for!

At the end of the day we have Time Magazine’s attempt to literally pull the spiritual wool over our eyes, as the same New York Times that destroyed its own credibility to turn Hillary’s Benghazi nightmare into a daydream now seeks to darken the image of Clive Bundy…while the President of the United States and his Justice Department work around the clock to turn out the lights! Have you noticed that the “News” we get has become “Tabloid/Gossip” delivered by blonde Victoria’s Secret models while the real journalists cower in C-Span closets? And how is it that the President who always has plenty to say about anything which can be spun “Racially” to divide, never has anything of substance to say about real “News” and things that might unite us?

It would seem that all men are guilty of one and the same…                                                tangled up in the shadows of reason,  just to perish in the flame.

“But I tell you truly, as smart as I am…I’m a toothless peasant in the Pharaoh’s land.” ~ Listen to the song Guilty here..

No one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you.”      ~ Joshua 1:5

Dedication ~ to our friend, brother, father and son Robert Kuhn who passed into the light this past week.


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