Racism ~ Obama’s Sterling Silver

The #1 Happiest Person in the World!

The #1 Happiest Person in the World!

Pick a dial any dial! Don Sterling and Adam Silver will be all you will hear. Bloomberg’s Surveillance- Racism! WABC Imus & Lupika- Racism! WOR Michael Savage- Racism! MSNBC Rev. Al- RACISM! Since NBA Commissioner Adam Silver banned LA Clipper’s owner Donald Sterling from the NBA for life yesterday afternoon, racism is the only game in town! I am telling you that the happiest person on planet earth right now is Don Sterling’s ex-wife followed closely by our “leader” Barack Obama…by a nose!

You gotta give the man his due! He has the most discriminating snout in White House history. How a man who couldn’t find a job if it fell on him can sniff a puff of racist smoke in LA all the way from Malaysia is a scientific wonder to be sure! Why if only there were a racist or two on board flight 770, he’d of found the plane before it hit the ocean floor!

President Obama is the 2nd happiest person in the world for two reasons:

1)      Racism has taken our eyes of the twin balls of failure and scandal!

2)      His Racist Warheads can now reach a man in the privacy of his own home!

I used to say I never really knew God until I danced with the Devil. If capitalizing on crisis works for Rahm Emanuel, why wouldn’t it work for those of us looking to protect our liberty as well as it does for those seeking to devour it? They don’t give a hoot about Clive Bundy or Don Silver. They want you and me to collapse into the fetal position at the mere thought of the R word! And boy, do we ever! So how do we turn this around and capitalize on their crisis of racism? Simple…we reject the attachment! Racism has become their “pin stripes” if you saw the movie “Catch Me if You Can”. Instead of being lulled into a helpless hypnotic trance, we need to turn into the fire and hit them hard on the real issues, and stay on target:

Cliven Bundy’s views on “negroes” in America are nowhere near as threatening to the average American as Harry Reid’s views on God-fearing, Constitution-loving Americans are! The real Bundy issue is the rise of a fascist police state and illegal martial law in Bunkerville, Nevada! Period!

Don Sterling’s comments, as demeaning, unflattering, embarrassing, insulting and backwards as they may have been…are words. But entrapment in the privacy of one’s home using free speech as a snare to destroy a man is beyond a “slippery slope” precedent. It’s an avalanche that will take everything else down with it! Kareem has the most sensible take I’ve heard.

When and only when, we learn to stop cowering and start following the pointing fingers back to their self-serving sources and hold them completely accountable, will we find a better place with greater opportunities for everyone…especially because of the content of their character. Perhaps then we’ll finally be free to deal with the balls that matter!

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5 Responses to Racism ~ Obama’s Sterling Silver

  1. ea says:

    What bothers me most is not that a wealthy Democrat supporter got caught uttering prejudiced remarks, the man still has a right to his opinion and free speech no matter how offensive it is to me. But that so few have spoken out against against the myriad of other wealthy Democrat supporters that have spewed more hateful things against Christians and Constitution supporting patriots.

  2. Chip Murray says:

    I have a feeling that if we just turned off all media we’d see a much different world. We ‘d see the real world! Media has become the tail that wags the dog. I heard that “thousands” of protesters turned out to a Cuomo fund-raiser yesterday. That’s the REAL world! 🙂

  3. 357foto says:

    Yes, free thought and free speech are a right that we all have, but to be so offensive without remorse or any thoughts that you may have really said incredibly hurtful things, should not go without consequences. He speaks as though he is a slave owner “I feed them. I give them cars, I give them homes…” is just outrageous! Its not a Dem/Rep thing, (not everything is) it’s a human thing! And there is absolutely no reason to be disrespectful, even if your thoughts are what they are, have the decency to keep it to yourself.

  4. Chip Murray says:

    They are using “Race” as a tool to benefit one at the expense of another! What could be more racist than that??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ud-ANC7WQ_U

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