John Hall & the Banker’s Ball

The Baron Banker Boys

The Baron Banker Boys

“Banks have done more injury to the religion, morality, tranquility, prosperity, and even wealth of the nation than they can have done or ever will do good.” – John Adams

1-The Ballad of John Hall ~ Chip Murray/ Lead Vocal, Guitars, Harmonica                                                                               Adrian Holtz/ Strings (Double Bass, Cello, Viola)

I knew it was about the bankers before I knew it was about the bankers!

How well the baron banker boys built their prison of success                                  & traded in their country for the hell of emptiness                                                       I heard them on the radio…I saw them on TV                                                     While John Hall looked the other way, they stole from you and me.

I had this bizarre experience with our former Representative of New York’s 19th District, John Hall back in 2008. Before he became a Progressive Democrat Congressman in Washington, John Hall was the front man for the one-hit “You’re Still the One” 70’s band Orleans. So, I stopped for gas on my way to an “Environmental Awards Dinner” as an invited guest of one of my top clients. As I was filling the tank, “You’re Still the One” came wafting out from the speakers in the gas station canopy above. Well don’t you know that John Hall himself was one of the greeters as I walked into the restaurant! “Congressman…”, I beamed. “I just listened to your song at the Mobile station!” He looked at me like he wanted me to fall down & die!! The next time I saw him, he was selling Obamacare…

I could not yell, I could not cry, I held you in my arms                                                I closed my eyes and felt my country dyin’

…standing on the stage of a packed auditorium in Goshen, NY with Obamacare and Climate-change shill, Orange County Chamber President John D’Ambrosio…

They put a torch to the promise every father made his son                                  The first time in our history the “Dream” had been undone                                We fight with one another and we’ve lost the will to “see”                              While John Hall looked the other way, they stole our liberty.

 …and the rest, as they say, is history!

I never thought I’d see the day when Freedom hangs her head                                I wiped my tears and watched my country dyin’

Of course our Freedom hadn’t realized that Eric Cantor pledged his allegiance with one hand while he accepted $2,890,330 from the Baron Banker Boys with the other!

They came to move the Shepards from their house up on the hill                   They thought it was forever till they could not pay the bill                                        I saw their children hopeless, look into their daddy’s eyes…                         While John Hall looked the other way, the bankers sold their lies.

I had a man with tears in his eyes come up to me to give me the biggest hug once after we had performed this song for a wonderful audience in Up-State New York back in 2010…his name was Shepard, and we had just sung his story…

I saw them cry, I saw them beg, I could not look away                                                 I fell to my knees & mourned our country dyin’


All hail the merchants of misery, this world will know your name.              There is no mansion big enough to accommodate your shame.

Around the time JP Morgan was catching a little “slap-on-the-wrist” heat, Jamie Dimon and his fellow Merry Merchants of Misery were riding high at the Royal Bankers Ball in Buckingham Palace!

We stood in the streets of Washington to make our voices known                    The deck was stacked, the trump card played, the Messiah was not home.       I saw him on the Late Show, and he does not speak for me.                           While John Hall looked the other way, he gave away the key.

There has never been, and there will likely never be a moment of awakening as profound as the one I experienced standing with more than a million of my fellow countrymen on the Capitol Mall in Washington, DC on September 12, 2009!

I will not turn the other cheek, I will not walk away                                                  To live and die for Liberty, she’ll rise again one day….                                            To live and die for Liberty, she will rise again one day. (listen with headphones)

CM/ 10-12-09

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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