Obama’s “Loyalty”??? ~ Part 2

Condemned to death for refusing to renounce Christ!

Condemned to death for refusing to renounce Christ!

The world is less violent than it has ever been.” ~ Barack (Insane?) Obama, June 12, 2014 http://pamelageller.com/2014/06/obama-world-less-violent-ever.html/

I had a good laugh this morning when I heard that the former NY Times Editor Jill Abramson just landed a job doing the exact same thing she’s been doing all along. Only this time it will be at Harvard, where she will do it more openly as…the Professor of Narrative Fiction! I about drove of the road! Our poor kids…

And talk about driving off the road…We’ve all heard the radio commercial from the American Heart Association where two men are talking. One man is trying to tell the other man his hair is on fire, while the other man acts as if no such thing is happening…as the fire sprinkler systems and alarms go off. The point of the commercial is to alert the public to the dangers of ignoring signs of a heart attack.

There’s poetic justice in correlating the two. It was, after all, largely the Abramson penchant for narrative fiction that carried our modern day Nero to his throne! The entire Western World is Obama’s Rome…and it is burning now, well beyond the smolder phase! Without belaboring the we-told-you-so point, we in the Liberty/Tea Party Movement have been calling attention to the smoke>smolder>fire>flame>raging inferno since 2008!

Nero’s friend Hillary, another beneficiary of Abramson’s magical journalistic white-out potion, tells us we’re all “missing the bigger picture…the Taliban are no threat to us!” We are living in a world where evil has married Goebbels and Alinsky together! The “big enough lie” and “chaos” have given us quite the offspring!

Unfortunately and quite tragically, our Nero did far more than fiddle along with the leaping flames. Our Nero facilitated them through feigned incompetence. Our Nero fueled them through appeasement and retreat. http://www.answeringmuslims.com/2014/06/jihadists-in-iraq-seize-nearly-half.html

And then our shameless Nero lied as the dancing flames licked the blackened skies. Looking straight into our children’s eyes! Perhaps he meant to say there were “less heads” instead of “less violence”? http://pamelageller.com/2014/06/heads-iraqi-policemen-soldiers-line-streets-mosul-brutal-sharia-imposed.html/

And what about Meriam of Sudan Mr. President? One word from your lips would save this beautiful woman, wife and mother who is about to hang for her faith in Jesus Christ. Or have you gone so insane; your definition of violence would exclude the hanging of an innocent pregnant woman? You seem to have painted yourself into a hole too black for Professor Jill herself to spin you out of!

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