The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ June 15, 2014

Dance as if no one is watching. Speak as if no one is listening. But Live as if the One is!

Dance as if no one is watching. Speak as if no one is listening. But Live as if the One is!

“Ah,” the Lord said, “you do not get the point. There is a Remnant there that you know nothing about. They are obscure, unorganized, inarticulate, each one rubbing along as best he can. They need to be encouraged and braced up because when everything has gone completely to the dogs, they are the ones who will come back and build up a new society; and meanwhile, your preaching will reassure them and keep them hanging on. Your job is to take care of the Remnant, so be off now and set about it.” ~ God to the prophet Isaiah around 740BC

Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend and Happy Fathers Day! We were out with friends in Greenwood Lake Friday night. One of them gave me a CD for Fathers Day which I really enjoyed listened to on Saturday. There were 12 songs including the Righteous Brothers, Frankie Valli, Roger Miller, Spanky & Our Gang and Sinatra that painted for me this wonderful musical mosaic of who we used to be…God I miss us!

It made me realize what an unrecognizable blob of…mass…we’ve become.

As the word masses is commonly used, it suggests agglomerations of poor and underprivileged people, laboring people, proletarians, and it means nothing like that; it means simply the majority. The mass man is one who has neither the force of intellect to apprehend the principles issuing in what we know as the humane life, nor the force of character to adhere to those principles steadily and strictly as laws of conduct; and because such people make up the great and overwhelming majority of mankind, they are called collectively the masses. The line of differentiation between the masses and the Remnant is set invariably by quality, not by circumstance. The Remnant are those who by force of intellect are able to apprehend these principles, and by force of character are able, at least measurably, to cleave to them. The masses are those who are unable to do either. ~ Ann’s take

Remnant Quality & Free Will

It is all about choice my friend. When the young man or woman chooses to tattoo their flesh, wear a baseball cap backwards and their pants around their knees they have exercised free will to follow the earthly impulse of the moment, have they not? All God’s creatures respond to stimuli. Only man is given free will and a rational mind to go along with it…or not.   🙂

What has changed from JFK to Obama? How did we go from Frankie Valli and the Righteous Brothers to Curt Cobain and Lady Gaga? How did the “do your own thing” sixties Democrat evolve to become this virtually collective “do as I do” cult we see today? Stimuli>Free Will>Choice.

Now read Ann’s take again to realize what sets the Remnant apart from the rest of us. They cleave to something fixed as the North Star, while the rest of us cleave to whatever it is at the time that enables us to fit in. Isn’t that really the heart of the matter? It might be something as obvious as facial piercings or as subtle as the very same off-color joke that is easily able to drag the Masses into one gyrating convulsion of laughter, while it is unable to pull the Remnant off course. The sad reality is that each and every one of us is born with the same internal gyroscope that we dull over time through the steady drip of bad choices. And remember from your Physics studies, how the tiniest tiny deviation near the point of origin can result in a stray of light years from your destination! 😦

The last thing I’d like to address is the sort of pink elephant in the room glaring message in all of this. The essence of this wonderful Albert Jay Nock essay (from 1936) is about feeling right versus feeling good. For example, it feels right and good to help a neighbor who needs your help. And it may feel good to provide health insurance to those who can’t afford it. But does it feel right to “pass a 3,000 page bill so we can find out what’s in it?” Only the masses are capable of such folly! The subtle steps from off-color jokes to social suicide are incremental…and deadly.

A Liberty-minded friend of mine sent out some financial charts this week that portend some, shall we say, choppy seas ahead. He happened to include a reference to one of my old favorite Grateful Dead songs, Uncle John’s Band which provides us with a timely piece of advice; “When life looks like easy street, there is danger at your door.”

Dance as if no one is watching! Speak as if no one is listening! But Live as if the One is!


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