An Angel Gets Her Wings

"Love is like a burning ember..."

“Love is like a burning ember…”

I met Bridie for the first time in 1984. She was traveling home to Ireland with her niece Pauline after visiting friends in “The States”, and I was on my way to Ireland for the first time. Fate plopped me in the seat between them for the 5 hour flight. One pint of Paddy’s later, we were family! 🙂

I was in desperate need of a change in latitude AND attitude! I think I was suffering a mild case of spiritual malnutrition at the time as well. In any case, God introduced me to the woman who turned out to be the perfect remedy for all three! Bridie’s son Niall was at the airport in Shannon to greet us, and after a quick Guinness-Murphy-Driscoll-Murray-family-reunion, there was little I could do to talk them out of their unanimous decision to adopt me for the first two-thirds of my 10 day visit! Off we were to West Cork…

Of all the experiences in my life, none have had as profound an effect on me as my time with the Murphy’s in the April of 1984! It was a paradoxical tonic of grounding and spirit that nurtured and healed me beyond expression. What I realize now that I couldn’t have known then was that America was in the early stages of her own spiritual atrophy and eventual death. The Disco Phase-Cocaine Crazed-Material Girl-Studio 54 America was the deep dark night that wouldn’t end…leading us to the present day. I wanted to leave the planet! Ireland was the next best thing…

If your soul is tired and weary, then my friend have a listen to me…                                   Go to the land called Ireland, not so far across the sea.                                                         And if in fact you’re good of heart, which reflects in all you do…                                      Then the Angel of the Heather shall appear, and sing her songs for you.                                She’ll sing away your emptiness, and smile away your fears…                                         She’ll give you the gift of happiness, which will last you through the years.                 Now if you go, have a jar with the Murphy’s…and some craic with the Driscoll’s too… Tell ‘em I love and miss ‘em, and they’ll take good care of you.                                And for every Irish smile you get, be sure you give one back…                                          For that means more to them than gold, and that’s a simple fact.                                     And when at last you leave her shores and her rolling hill’s embrace…                             Just turn, tip your hat and pray, “Thank God for the Irish Race!” ~ cm 5/9/1984

Bridie Murphy was everything I miss most in the world. We drifted apart over the years as people sadly do. But when her daughter Deirdre sent me the picture from her funeral, I knew I had to share her with you…and pray that every single person who reads these words will meet her too. I promise you, your life will never be the same.bridie-2

Some day when we meet up yonder                                                                            We’ll stroll hand in hand again…                                                                                      In the land that knows no parting                                                                               Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain

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