I Am…Wide Awake!

...can't miss it!

…can’t miss it!

My friend Russ sent me a note he got from his “ultra-Liberal” sister in a dispelling response to the Telegraph article exposing the “climate-change scam” I had included in my “See No Evil…” piece the other day. “There are none so blind…”

Sunshine or the fire’s glow …makes no difference with your eyes closed

So many people looking for what they just can’t see.

We’re hunkered down in the daily fight…

our souls wear shadows from the lack of light

I’m so tired of running God please let me get some sleep.

Then another friend, John, sent me this fascinating interview the very next day, he had with this woman who shared why she used to identify herself as a Liberal…and no longer does. As I told Russ; A person wed to their ideology will never open their eyes to anything that challenges the narrative…even as the walls are collapsing around them. “Save your energy for those on the fence”, I suggested to him.

Whatever happened to American dreams…

we’re freakin zombies in our lifeless schemes

Madison is chasing us from who we need to be.

“Madison” is Madison Avenue…not James Madison. It is absolute delusion to deny the tattered wreck that was once the American Dream. One third of us are not working! 50 million of us are on food stamps! We consume 80% of the world’s oxytocin! And we’ve just erected a 2,000 mile-long flashing neon sign across our southern border that reads, “AMERICA; COME AND TAKE HER!” To any sane individual with his/her eyes open, the America Dream has been replaced by the American Nightmare! They have turned us into junkies and Lady Liberty into a whore!

I am…………Wide awake

I am…………Wide awake…………..

…and I wrote this song in 2002.

I curse the darkness knowing daylight has a way of going

But freedom shines when I’m wide awake.

“I curse the darkness knowing daylight has a way of going”…is my favorite line in this song, because it says the most. It knows history repeats and darkness is coming…even in the broad daylight because it has been here so many times. How do we miss the glaring signs of nature time and time again? Think of the decay and rot that would never be without the cover of darkness that we keep inviting back…

A choice is simple when there isn’t one

Is your finger on the trigger of a smokin gun,

is it easier for you to leave it up to me to be…..what will be

I know your children they look up to you,

you set the stage by the things you do….

you burn your days to tuck them in at night….turn out the light.

WE set the stage…we wrote the script…we acted the parts…WE OWN THIS! And worst of all…What have we taught them?

Well what if you only had one day…

what would you do now to make it pay

Could you say all the things that are in your head to say…in just one day.

That is exactly what I have been doing just about every other day since November 22nd 2010! How about you? What would you say…with just one day?

I am………Wide awake

I am……….Wide awake………….

Being Wide Awake is like being in Love, except lonelier. You know when you’re there…you know why we’re here…and you know what to do.

I guess I’ll keep on tryin, summer has a way of flyin

But life is good when I’m wide awake….

I will live my dreams when I’m wide awake

I will follow the sun when I’m wide awake

I will be the one when I’m wide…………awake.

  (Listen Here!)

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to I Am…Wide Awake!

  1. Chip Murray says:

    I forgot to mention the greatest benefit of being “Wide Awake”! It comes with a 100% guaranteed BS Meter!! http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-06-25/todays-global-warming-propaganda-brought-you 🙂

  2. Kert Blackwood says:

    Chip, We miss you over at TradAm! Ron has stared to post you there now, which is good. Keep up the good fight Brother and God bless.

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