The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ July 6, 2014



“The only hope for America is for her clergy to start preaching the Cross of Christ again.” ~ Newt Gingrich

A few years back, the Pastor from the United Methodist Church I used to attend in Sugar Loaf (before it became the United Marxist Church) announced his retirement. And earlier this year Father Michael followed suit, stepping down at St. Stephens in Warwick…after many, many years. Nice men both…

Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend. Not that I think of this Sunday Tune-up as a job, but I treat it as one. And the fact of the matter is that I wouldn’t have taken it upon myself to do it every week if these men had done theirs. Years ago, you see, I wrote a passionate letter of appeal and mailed it to a dozen of our local clergymen and women. It was the summer of 2010…

Cowardice in the Clergy

I used to think only meteorologists got paid and collected pensions for being wrong…but I was wrong. And at least they attempted to be right. Oh, yes, the letter…So I had had this amazing dream after my friend David (who attends St. Stephens) reached out to take hands in prayer before supper as our guest. I dreamt I was among the original tribe of Israel who followed Moses out of Egypt. I was with them during the “forgetting part” if you recall scripture…when we turned away…as Moses ascended for the Tablets. I felt the sand between my toes and the fires red glow. It reminded me of the exact same place we children of God are standing in today!

I was so moved by my dream I had to share it with those I knew would be moved as well. At the time Glenn Beck was planning a large “Restoring Honor” rally in Washington where clergy from every faith were joining him. He was turning up the GOD volume while the rest of America seemed to be turning it down. And he was savagely attacked for it by the PC crowd. So I wrote this passionate letter explaining the dream and its message to the dozen or so clergy wondering where they were and how it is they aren’t sharing this message and these concerns with their own congregations. Not a single one of them responded…

I read the Gingrich quote in an article I found in a regional publication simply called The Patriot. The article written by Bishop Ronald Russell was entitled, “Pastor’s, Priest’s, Politicians and Cowards. Will the Real Men of God Please Stand Up!” In it, he places the full responsibility for our breathtaking decline as a once moral people squarely on the cowardly shoulders of the men behind the pulpit. At least the weatherman attempted to get it right…

But how do these people do it? How do they live with the guilt of knowing…It would be like the lookout in the crows nest way atop the tippy top-most post of the ship…to do what? To look out for enemy ships, storm clouds…icebergs! Wasn’t it the lookout on the Titanic who took his post that fateful evening…without his binoculars? They are responsible for everyone…captain, crew and passengers! But even he meant to do right. Pastor Lee and Father Mike left their binoculars home every single Sunday for at least the past twenty years or so! Even worse I’m afraid…American Clergy has become the lookout who SAW the iceberg and said NOTHING! Perhaps they should have been meteorologists if they wanted to get paid for being wrong!

I have another dream. Every day above ground is a day of opportunity! I have a dream that before these men die, they too shall have a dream that will stir them Wide Awake! And they will rise from their earthly slumber and walk into the very tabernacles of the posts they abandoned to interrupt the drone of their replacements to look their former parishioners square in the eye and shake the light of God back into them until they are Wide Awake as well! If there is to be the Restoration of America D’Souza is calling for, then it MUST start here! Can I get an AMEN?


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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3 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ July 6, 2014

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  2. erick says:

    I sort of agree with you Chip, but IF Americans had been reading their Bibles and applying it’s precepts they would not suffer the “pastors” (and priests) that seem to only be in it for the money. When the left took over the seminaries and many Bible colleges, the writing was already on the wall. He only wants the worship of a humble and sincere people, and generations have been taught that He does not exist. Perhaps many will wake up before our “spanking” gets too severe, but I believe taking our children and grandchildren back from the state is our best hope.

    • Chip Murray says:

      I’m in total agreement with you re: the fix. So many things become crystal clear in the rear view mirror. We should never have surrendered public education!!

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