The US Border Patrol Makes a Bundy Stand in Murrieta!

The US Border Patrol are Oath Keepers Mr. President!

The US Border Patrol are Oath Keepers Mr. President!

I have long suspected a disconnect between the news we’re fed and the reality we live. I used to think the disconnect was mostly two different spins on the same reality…probably because that’s what we’ve been accustomed to for so long now. I am now convinced that the spin has become the lie, having nothing whatsoever to do with reality at all!

Case in point ~ If the Main Stream Media was the only source I relied on for news and world events, I would probably view Fundamental Transformation as an idea whose time had come. In this mind-set, I would most likely perceive Obama and Holder as courageous champions defending the noble cause from a minority of mostly racist and backward-thinking critics financed by evil corporate types like the Koch Brothers.

But there are two counter-narrative facts that blow their Fundamental Fabrications to smithereens;

1) If the dissenting minority are the racists they project, how do you explain the support for a Ben Carson Presidential Candidacy being overwhelmingly WHITE?

2) If the cause is as noble as they project, how do you explain the refusal of their own troops to carry out their orders? MSM will not report this, just as they didn’t report the stand-down in defiance of the Regime’s orders to forcibly remove WWll Veterans from their memorials during the shutdown!

Here’s what I find interesting in the most encouraging way, as a proud member of Oath Keepers! The Bunkerville, Nevada (Bundy Ranch) incident was a people vs. government standoff. The Murrieta, California (Border Patrol) incident is a government vs. government standoff!!! I cannot overstate the importance of this development at a time when the Obama myth is evaporating faster than a drop of water in the Mojave Desert…at High Noon! 🙂

NEVER let them demoralize you…The Beast is on its knees!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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