I thought I heard somebody crying...

I thought I heard somebody crying…

Please ~ Chip Murray/ Lead & Backing Vocals, Guitars, African Conga, Claves                           Adrian Holtz / Tambourine

This song was one of my first songs written after a 4 year drought back in early 2009. My dear friend Carol had organized a mid-December 2008 get-together of old friends with bonds going back to grade school. I was able to introduce my wife to everyone for the first time…including my friend John and his wife. It was a beautiful night…

A couple of weeks later I received a shocking call from Carol. Our friend John had gone to work one day, tossed a rope over a door jam pull-up bar, climbed up on a chair and hung himself leaving behind his wife and two teenage daughters. The devastating incident threw me into one of the deepest periods of reflection I’ve ever experienced. I feel as though I actually connected with his soul…

I’m going away,

I’d like to stay…forever.

But this world aches,

and my heart breaks,

I could not burden you.


Where did they go?

All the times we laughed… together.

How could I…

Why should you…

Please don’t rescue me.


In a dream I…was flyin’,

lost inside the clouds…

I thought I heard somebody cryin’…

down there on the ground.


Why did you go….?,

our Johnny dear, we miss you so.

Was it so bad,

you felt that you had…

no place else to go.


When we meet again,

I hope we’ll dance a little closer.

Some dark & cloudy day,

I hope you’ll never say…

please don’t rescue me.


Some dark & cloudy day,

I pray you’ll never say…

please don’t rescue me. (Listen here- w/head phones)

Author’s Note ~ My songs are like my children. Each one has its own unique and special purpose and reason for being here. And they all have something to say at different times. I was struck by the timeliness when Please came to me this past week. I believe it is because more of us than ever before consider suicide as a way out…an end to suffering. Nothing could be further from the Truth! Some dark & cloudy day, I hope you’ll never say, “Please don’t rescue me.” John is telling me he made the worst mistake of his life! We have been led to believe that our “stuff” is more important than the essence of who we are! We need to embrace all of life, ESPECIALLY suffering when it comes our way. Please tells me the greatest guaranteed irony known to man comes in trying to escape it, as John himself would tell us all if only he could. The other glaring message from Please:

We ALL need to dance a little closer…

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to Please

  1. Paul Laux says:

    Sadly touching, Chipo. I too, had a friend named John, who took his own life just short of 2 years ago. I will listen to “Please” again with a different ear. There’s a line in The Eagles song, “Learn To Be Still” that has strong meaning for me when considering life’s trials. The lyric is, “Now the flowers in your garden, They don’t smell so sweet, so sweet. Maybe you’d forgotten, The heaven lying at your feet”……….
    Love you, Chipo!

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