The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ July 20, 2014

The face of courage through the lens of Modernism!

The face of courage through the lens of Modernism!

“A woman marries man, has two kids, decides she’s a lesbian, finds another lesbian who has a sex change to become a man so they can marry. Now she’s ‘married’ to a woman who looks like a man … because she likes women. Insanity! ~ Dan Brannan

Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend. The more I observe the world around me, the more convinced I am that the global plague of disorder, instability, chaos and suffering we are experiencing is the direct result of the New World Order assault on Natural Law, the natural order of things, and God himself!

                                          The Poison Fruit of Modernism

“Countless people … will hate the new world order … and will die protesting against it.” ~ H.G. Wells, The New World Order (1940)

I circulated an Oath Keeper flier supporting a coalition of anti-illegal-immigration protestors the other day. This is one of the responses I got back:

“These are children fleeing violence in their countries.  Please call them REUGEES.  It gives it a whole different slant.  I am delighted the oathkeepers and other extremist groups have come out against giving safe harbor to these refugees, as further indication of how wrong they are.”

Only Modernism can turn Oath-Keeping into something extreme! But what I found most disturbing in his response is that this man happens to be an attorney who is essentially stating here that laws do not matter! How in the world can an attorney, of all people, accuse those who simply want existing laws to be enforced of being “wrong”?  Modernism!

Modernism has literally turned our world upside down so that day is now night, good is now bad, and wrong is now right! And the contorted snivel you see at the top of the page is now the face of courage in the New World Order of Modernism! I guess giving one’s life to save 34 of your fellow countrymen, as did Navy Seals Ty Woods and Glen Doherty, doesn’t quite measure up to the “coming out” valor of Michael Sam!

Modernism! But who benefits from an upside down world besides those who pretend to be what they are clearly NOT?

As with the use of violence, the use of lies to achieve success automatically poisons whatever good may have been had through one’s efforts. The elites commonly shrug off this logic by convincing each other that there is such a thing as a “noble lie” (both Saul Alinsky and Leo Strauss, the gatekeepers of the false left/right paradigm, promoted the use of “noble lies”) and that the masses need to be misled so that they can be fooled into doing what is best for themselves and the world. This is, of course, a sociopathic game of self-aggrandizement. ~ Brandon Smith, The Reasons We Fight the New World Order

The other amazing quality of Modernism, is its tendency towards convolution and avoidance of straight lines. Anyone who has seen the new Common Core math formulas can testify to that fact!!! I had lunch with a Liberal friend on Friday who pretty much refused to accept the Liberal moniker. His intention was heart-warming, but the winding, bending, circling, labyrinth of his logic made me dizzy! Our government has declared war on traditional freedom-loving American citizens. Period! Pick a side!

But instead of a direct line to the problem, we talked about abortion, capital punishment, gay marriage and religion. He seemed puzzled by what he perceived as incongruence in my being pro-life AND pro-capital punishment. And that is exactly the intention of Modernism! Turn the straight line of Natural Law into the twists and turns of a subjective jigsaw puzzle! Only Modernism can put the most innocent life in creation on par with the murderous savage! How is the act of abortion not holding the most innocent party accountable for the actions of the others? How can a sane and just society hold the most innocent accountable, and the convicted murderer not? Modernism!

In fact, the absence of accountability is the absence of justice. And the absence of justice is the absence of Freedom!

Justice is simply the social good, and it must therefore be done. It is defined as “giving each his due” – cuique sum, “to each his own.” A man is due his life because he is a living thing; it is his nature to have life; and, since it is also his nature to be moral, if a man commits a crime, he must be punished because punishment is retributive – punishment is the penalty due the criminal in justice to him. Proportioned punishment is due him, too, and you cannot deny him that right without yourself committing an injustice against him deserving punishment in turn. The judge who fails the criminal in punishment himself incurs a greater guilt. ~ Dr. John Senior from his book, “The Death of Christian Culture”

So they replace accountability with un-accountability and justice with its own perversion and perhaps the most poisonous fruit of the Modernism Tree, “Social Justice”! Social Justice is the most deadly of all poisonous fruit because it first cripples and then kills a free society with two deadly toxins; Diversity for Diversity’s Sake & Political Correctness. Talk about a one-two punch; Forcing a society to sacrifice quality for equality while stifling the freedom of expression is a one-way ticket to the hell.

My Liberal friend said to me, “You (Conservatives) believe that everyone gets what they deserve.” I was a bit taken aback until I realized he wasn’t talking about Karma…he was revealing his own perception of Meritocracy, a cornerstone of Free-Market-Capitalism, as something inherently unfair! How is it that an 18th century French historian outsider named Alexis de Tocqueville was able to see so clearly the greatest blessings of a country…endowed now, it would seem, to a generation of American citizens mostly blind to them. We don’t get what we deserve my Liberal friend…we get what we earn by the virtue of our willingness to work hard and persevere. “If it is to be, it is up to me”…not the whim or mercy of some despot or state committee, but me. All rights and the power they convey, “endowed by our Creator”, reside in and flow from the bosom of the individual! THAT is the indisputable heavyweight champ in the Arena of Ideas my friend…which is exactly why they have taken control of the schools, the media, and lust for control of the Internet!

Expressing ideas, no matter how bold or brazen, is the personal exercise of a natural right that the government in a free society is powerless to touch, directly or indirectly. Yet, when the government succeeds in diminishing public discourse so that it only contains words and ideas of which the government approves, it will have succeeded in establishing tyranny. This tyranny ~ if it comes ~ will not come about overnight. It will begin in baby steps and triumph before we know it…Yet we do know that it already has begun. ~Judge Andrew Napolitano, Chilling

Modernism had to destroy morality in order for Paul Krugman to disguise witchcraft as Economics…and Barack Obama to conceal the radicalism behind his Peace. We rewarded them both with Noble Prizes. They, in turn, set our world on an irreversible path to war, drowning us all in a sea of debt that can never be repaid!

But take heart you poor dear man Mr. Sam…your master has stepped up to replace and outdo our creator with not 10, but 11 Commandments for you and your flock of co-dependents to follow. And look how gracious our new God is! The old 10 commanded us to obey him, and the new 11 spell out what our master is required to give us…

Freedom?…that’s just some people talking.


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1 Response to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ July 20, 2014

  1. Mike says:

    Hello everyone, this type of change is not new. Socialism, which this is, wishes to do away with prostitution and marriage. By destroying both, sex will just be between a man and a woman as a FRIENDSHIP! There will be no children or child rearing. If children happen along the state will be the caretaker freeing women from dependence of a man. They will live in large buildings run by the state. Sound familiar? Modernism, progressiveness, ie., socialism, has been slowly and methodically shoveled on society for years. Obama said we are not a Christian. America was founded on Christian values. Modernism doesn’t want religion. Hey, what do we think Islam will do to modernism if it gets to the point where they are the ruling power. Perhaps the Christians beheaded in Arab lands can answer that. God helps those that help themselves. Get back to your faith and fight for decency. Socialism is the death of society. We will be victorious. God willing!

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