Israel Proves You Can Judge a Country by the Will Of It’s Men To Be Men!

Manlessness in the 21st Century

Manlessness in the 21st Century

Israel uses their missiles to protect its people. The Palestinians (Hamas) use their people to protect their missiles! ~ Charles Krauthammer

I had to laugh when I saw Diane Feinstein had challenged Putin to “man-up” over the weekend. And then I realized that she had to because Obama can’t. NO, I am 100% deadly serious. The “Progressive” man can’t act like a man because they actually see the action of being a man as something beneath them. That is for Conservatives, Oath Keepers, Traditionalists and other extremist-types set in their stodgy old-fashioned and archaic ways…which is EXACTLY why Kerry accused Putin of “behaving as if he were still in the 20th century” on Meet the Press after Putin annexed Crimea!

But it’s not just here in the US…there appears to be a critical shortage of manly men in Europe and the Middle East as well! Do you know why Vladimir Putin can shoot down a civilian airliner (or allow the world to believe so) and then remove all the evidence? Because he knows there are no men willing to be men in Brussels, and only Barack Obama & John Kerry to deal with in the US. Do you know why there are thousands of anti-Israel protesters in London and Paris? Because there are no men willing to be men in London or Paris! Do you know why Christians who have lived in Mosul Iraq for 2,000 years, when given three choices by ISIS; convert to Islam, pay a non-conversion (Dhimmi) “tax” (Jizrah), or die…chose to flee instead? Because they know there are no men willing to be men in the world of men!

In fact it seems that the only place left on the planet where you can find men willing to be men is Israel…and they are condemned for it! I hesitated before inserting the Hamas qualifier into the Krauthammer quote above. Did you know that the majority of Palestinians (53%) prefer the two-state solution peace with Israel? Did you know that while Hamas targets innocent Israeli civilians, Israel goes to great lengths to avoid civilian casualties in Gaza by warning them with “roof knockers”? And did you know that when Hamas rockets were discovered in a U.N. school in Gaza, the U.N. turned them over to the Palestinian Authorities? You see the Palestinians are every bit as responsible for inviting the Hamas scourge into their government as we are for allowing the Obama scourge into ours!

It would seem that Americans could learn a valuable lesson in Border Security from Israel. I have to say, I find it a matter of poetic fascination that what we actually have in London and Paris are the states of man-lessness protesting Israel for its man-fullness? The truth of the matter is that Israel is defending Western Civilization by herself, “saying what needs to be said and doing what needs to be done for the sake of something greater than themselves”…while Obama and Kerry mumble “Progressive” 21st century incoherence in the ageless face of man’s inhumanity to man.


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2 Responses to Israel Proves You Can Judge a Country by the Will Of It’s Men To Be Men!

  1. D says:

    This article is painfully true. Men in fact are the new women and women are the new men in Western Civilization. All the men in my Village constantly brag about being in touch with their feminine side. Boys in my Village are taught not to fight. They are all little Siddhartha Gautama’s who are going to be shocked when they leave the palace grounds! They are totally unprepared for the real world. I actually feel sorry for them. God help my daughters! I just hope they marry some Israeli guys.

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