New Earth

There's a new earth under you...

There’s a new earth under you…

New Earth ~ Chip Murray/ Lead Vocal, Guitars, Harmonica                                                                   Peter Verutes/ Electric Bass, Backing Vocal

There exists in most of us, depending on our early life experiences, a warm spot and nostalgic savoring of old familiar places, friends and the people we used to be. You know…a little Dorothy-like homesickness for Kansas. Except…what if one day you woke up to realize that Kansas and the sum total of all your memories of people, places and things leading up to and including yesterday was nothing but a dream?     

You come to me from your washed out, down & out, lost & found-place of make believe.

From your easy chair in the air, titanic decks getting wet from the icebergs of misery.

For a number of years I’ve been waiting for you to come back home to me…

What if that one person in your life you mistook for everything turned out to be nothing more than an empty reflection…a complete and total hallucination fed 100% by your own emptiness? That would more than likely mean…in fact that would have to mean that your own perception of you isn’t real either, since you filled yourself up with an illusion …which leaves you where exactly?

Hold me now in your own light, forget the night, it’ll be alright…embrace your destiny.

It ain’t about the watch & chain, the piper’s game, the empty flame that gives you what you need. Seems like oceans of tears I’ve been cryin’ for you to wake up from this dream

It leaves you standing on the solid ground of a New Earth; that’s where! God bless the wisdom that gives us the eyes to see that the only real place is the one we spend our lives running away from, to be someone else in places we were never meant to be!


I’m gonna wake up every morning to lose what I must win,

and find another way of livin’ that feels good within my skin…

I’m gonna throw away the book of lies that brought me to this place…

gonna see myself reflected in the timelessness of grace.

Gonna tear down every stinkin’ wall I built to keep me in…

Gonna pledge allegiance to myself and save my only friend…

from this mountain of fears, I stand bold and in my tracks..

When you open this door there ain’t no turnin’ back..

from a New Earth under you.

Waiting and crying for my only friend, from before my beginning and beyond my end…

Hmmmmmmmm…..There’s a new earth under you, there’s a new earth under me…

There’s a new earth under you, there’s a new earth under me…

There’s a new earth under you….a new earth under   meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (Listen Here)

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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