They Are Setting The Stage For Martial Law!

"I will now bomb the army I have armed to save the people my actions have condemned!"

“I will now bomb the army I have armed to save the people my actions have condemned!”

Some have said that we are living in a post-industrial era, while others have said that we are living in a post-racial era. But growing evidence suggests that we are living in a post-thinking era. ~ Thomas Sowell, Is Thinking Now Obsolete?

I watched Obama’s “Air Strike/Food Drop” speech from the White House last (Thursday) night. He does not look good. In fact he looks scared. It’s in the eyes and the tension around them forcing expression. He looks like a man devoid of faith and personal conviction reading the same script written by the same shadowy playwrights who’ve deliberately created a world that even he is beginning to find absurd. Is he beginning to realize that he is and always has been a helpless puppet reading someone else’s words from a Teleprompter? I couldn’t be certain, but I’d say he appeared “medicated” as well…

We know that this man has the very trigger he needs to detain anyone of us indefinitely and without due process through the NDAA on suspicion of terrorist intent. To most of us terrorism means hostile actions towards innocent civilians. To this lawless regime, it means hostile actions towards them! Important distinction? You tell me…

So we have a scared and frightened…and possibly “medicated” man with the means at the tip of his spindly fingers. Now all they need is an “event”. Geraldo accused Matt Drudge of fear-mongering and trying to cause a civil war. This was actually the impetus for Thomas Sowell’s Is Thinking Now Obsolete? He really hits some powerful points that beg his own question. For intelligent and rational people to swallow the narratives we’re fed requires the thought switch to be in the OFF position! My problem is that mine is perpetually ON! 🙂

I predict that we do not make it to the Mid-terms without an event that gives Obama the excuse he needs to impose Martial Law, so let’s think about the chain of events linking us to our current circumstance and see if we can’t imagine this happening.

1) The Obama Regime responds to the ISIS aggression and consolidation of power with symbolic sorties, food drops, and pink slips to our troops in the region…while arming to the teeth and militarizing its domestic agencies here at home!!

2) The Obama Regime essentially vaporizes the southern borders of the United States setting up an invasion of illegal aliens, criminals and possible terrorists in the most lawless tsunami of chaos ever unleashed on American soil!!

3) The Obama Regime adds Ebola to our Southern Welcome Wagon menu of incoming disease-worries to overwhelm a healthcare system already suffering Obamacare fatigue!!

As I write these words, I’m thinking of some “advice” I received from a more Liberal-leaning friend yesterday. He told me that I turn off readers with some of my material. I thought, Hell…I turn me off with some of this stuff! But I don’t write to turn anyone on or off. I like to be read…but that’s not why I write. I write what I see. Period! I think I do it more to clear my own conscience…like someday, when somebody says to me “Why didn’t you say anything?”

The classic movie The Mortal Storm aired recently. It is a powerful movie I highly recommend…especially now! It’s about a wonderful family living a wonderful life until one day a charismatic and transformational political figure is elected and everything changes. Off course this movie took place in Germany some 79 years ago…and the world said, never again! Why do they always say that and then stop thinking?  

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3 Responses to They Are Setting The Stage For Martial Law!

  1. Paul Laux says:

    As for me, Chipo, your essays resonate with both my heart and mind. That’s because your observations consistently align with an unfortunate and dangerous reality. The world does not do well with reality. That is why truth tellers and men of integrity and principal are always castigated and marginalized. That is why the prophets of old were killed for truth telling and sounding clarion calls of warning. Those prophets turned people off. So we medicate ourselves with the NFL, NBA, or Dancing With The Stars. All that circus is so much fun…..I hope you are wrong about Martial Law being imposed prior to the upcoming election, and I know you share that sentiment. However, in our life times, we have never danced as close to this horrifying possibility as we now have with the array of anomalies that have been lined up, courtesy of the American electorate that have their collective “think switch” in the “off” position.

  2. Russ says:

    How can one not think after reading your piece?….Very painful to contemplate….as creatures that abhor pain, maybe this will motivate us to do what is necessary to alleviate the pain…..

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Chip Murray says:

    God put us here to experience and respond to stimuli, not deny it or rationalize it away. We need to face this storm head on, come what may. Russ & Paul…I pray you both meet one day…you are more brothers than you know!

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