How is Obama Any Different from the Ferguson Looters?

While Nero Swings, Rome Burns!

While Nero Swings, Rome Burns!

I am dead serious! And my question has nothing to do with color even though statistics suggest otherwise. Obama’s predisposition to looting can be traced to both his Marxist black father, and his radical white mother.

                                             The Looter Profile

  • Looters tend to be angry.
  • Looters are zero-sum thinkers.
  • Looters don’t see their crime as crime.
  • Looters seek chaos and resist solutions.
  • Looters identify as/with victims needing someone to blame.
  • Looters come from broken families with absent fathers.
  • Looters are genetically predisposed to hating successful people…unless they carry a “Social Justice” card!
  • Looters are opportunists…they “never let a good crisis go to waste.”
  • Looters are NOT religious people!
  • Looters help create destabilization, grab the loot, and leave…or go on vacation! 🙂

Now you tell me! You look out your window at our world in complete disarray, and you tell me how any of this would be so if the following person had occupied our Oval Office for the past five and a half years:

  • Even-tempered person with strong moral character.
  • A person who believes in the boundless power of the individual.
  • A person who believes in individual accountability.
  • A person who possesses the courage to face ALL challenges.
  • A person who believes in personal responsibility.
  • A person who sees family values as a cornerstone of strong & healthy society.
  • A person who rewards success, punishes corruption and sees Justice as BLIND!
  • A person who promotes a free & healthy society where crisis can’t take root.
  • A person of deep abiding FAITH.
  • A person generous in nature who leads by example and leaves when the work is done!

While the shooting death of a Missouri teenager has prompted ‘‘strong passions,’’ (Looting) people should remember Michael Brown through ‘‘reflection and understanding.’’ (Looting) ~ Barack Obama, Looter-in-Chief

Now to answer the question in today’s title; it’s important that we understand and distinguish the difference between the Ferguson Looter and our Looter in the White House. When the SHTF the former grabs a flat screen while the latter grabs a golf cart.

While the former runs, Ferguson burns. While the latter swings the entire world burns!

Now here’s where it gets very, very interesting people! The White House (whoever that is) says “The US is not at war with the Islamic State.” A Ferguson Looter is bad enough. But when you realize we have a Looter in the White House, a whole bunch of things that never made a lick of sense begin to add up in the most terrifying way. The Ferguson Looter can only loot what he can carry. But the Looter in the White House can loot an entire country. Hell, he can loot the entire world…with a little help from his friends!

HELLO…this is not rocket science people! I’ve lost track of the times I’ve been attacked as a “racist” for condemning the Looter-in-Chief for LOOTING…while dropping to my knees every single night praying for Dr. (100% Black) Ben Carson to take every single profile attribute I’ve just described, along with his lovely family, and unpack them in OUR White House…FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! Can I get an AMEN?


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