Courage & Miller Lite Cowboys

Mama, don't let your babies grow up to be Miller Cowboys!!

Mama, don’t let your babies grow up to be Miller Lite Cowboys!!

“Without courage, all other virtues lose their meaning.” ~ Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister

What I love most about vacation is the ability to pull back and reflect. Imagine two different vacations. One in which you take a week off to hike an extremely remote area of the Adirondacks…by yourself; and the other, to spend with your family and ten thousand other families on your favorite patch of island sand in New Jersey. Both have benefits…the former to provide valuable information about our self, and the latter to provide valuable information about ourselves! Maybe I’ll ask the boss for two weeks next year. 🙂

Courage isn’t a virtue you think about on a beach crowded with mostly naked tattooed tribal people wearing Miller Lite cowboy hats, sipping rum-spiked slurpies with one eye on their little girl, and the other on someone else’s…if you catch my drift. But then you pick up the local Philly paper and read about the mothers forced to abandon their own infants in the desert as they flee real monsters on the other side of the world…monsters who cut children in half.

Back in our beach bungalow, I came across a documentary about the first 4 hours after the Japanese attack on Pear Harbor. I thought I knew most all there was to know about that pivotal moment in our nation’s history, but I didn’t realize that Douglas Stuart, Jr. of the America First Committee was delivering an anti-war/pro-isolationism speech to a very large group of influential Americans, KNOWING that the bomb-riddled Arizona was descending to the bottom of Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941 as he spoke! But the channel was abruptly changed to Will Farrell’s “Blades of Glory” by a teenager whose PC passions (aligned with those who would force an NFL franchise owner to change the 81-year-old name of his team) trumped his own interest in the remarkable history of the very “Courage” it took to safeguard the owner’s Rights under our 1st Amendment. I guess Freedom=Yawn for some! 🙂

It’s not that I don’t think the Miller Lite Cowboy wouldn’t risk life & limb to rescue his little girl if per chance that Middle Eastern Monster took a wrong turn at Greenland and suddenly materialized in the midst of a Kadima rubber-game right in front of him. It’s more a concern that his “Courage” muscles have atrophied as a result of one-too-many Progressive Cocktails (PC) made with 2 parts “Disinformation”, 2 parts “Disinterest”, 4 parts “Distraction”…and a boatload of RUM!

Yes, Erbil and Mosul may as well exist in J. R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth as far as the Miller Lite Cowboys are concerned…to whom danger consists of misplaced sunscreen and long lines at Tuckers and the Black Whale. The same as it ever was…

But sometimes the most dangerous monsters in the world don’t look like monsters. In fact THE most dangerous monster has no claws or teeth, or big swords to cut people’s heads off. In Fact THE most dangerous monster is using the other monsters to distract us so we will not see the biggest monster of all sneaking up on us. The biggest monster doesn’t kill fast with bullets, bombs and tanks; it kills slowly with pens, phones and politicians…and a never-ending supply of PC Punch!

It takes courage to walk away from the punch bowl, reject the lie and stand up alone in a crowd with its collective head down. But the pure beauty of it is that the greatest acts of courage require no force at all. In fact all we need to slay the real beast is to just show up at a meeting!

Yup! Sometimes Courage is just showing up! September 11th…sure rings a bell.


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