Could the Power Vacuum that Spawned ISIS Happen Here?

"Hope & Change" in Obamaville!

“Hope & Change” in Obamaville!

Wouldn’t it be some kind of amazing karmic irony for the man responsible for dethroning Kaddafi, Morsi, and Yanukovich (working on Assad) to suddenly find himself deposed…not by the Tea Party, but by the New Black Panthers? Of course that could never happen unless it was allowed to happen because they are just as much puppets as he is. But it does, or should make one wonder…anything is possible when you remove stability.

Whether by incompetence or intent, Obama opened the door to ISIS in Iraq by creating a security vacuum. Is there anything more important for science and religion to agree on than the simple fact that darkness fills the void disappearing light leaves? They know what we’re thinking, where we’re going, who we’re seeing and what we’re saying…but they didn’t see ISIS coming? The only Christians left in Mosul after 2,000 years of living there, are the ones with their heads on spikes…or hanging crucified by the savages Obama invited!

Perhaps instead of an Obama Presidential Library, we should consider the Obama Presidential Morgue?

I know you’re thinking that could never happen here! But I’m sure the people of Churchill’s Britain…you know, the same people who valiantly repelled Hitler…thought the very same thing! And yet… It would seem that the very same Natural Law principles that govern light and darkness also affect wisdom and insanity, eh? ISIS recruiting Brits in broad daylight makes as much sense as Nazis openly recruiting in the middle of Trafalgar Square…in 1940! I’ve seen house flies with longer life spans than the Never in Never Again! Well there is one thing I know for certain…as long as you and I have anything to say about it, it could never happen here!

You know if I had enough money I would engineer circumstance and then bet on the outcome of the circumstance I created, again and again and again…and then get someone young enough to be my grand daughter to marry me. Hey whadaya know? Someone already thought of that!

Our Homeland Security is our 2nd Amendment*! Who do you trust more with the security of your family; yourself or the psychopath’s running our country into the ground? A well-armed moral citizenry is the best Homeland Security I can possibly think of. But you need to do now, what you’ve put off for too long. Here’s what I recommend for the average budget;

  • Apply for your conceal/carry permit.
  • Purchase a Ruger 10/22.
  • Purchase a Bersa Thunder .380.
  • Purchase a 12 gauge pump shotgun.
  • Purchase plenty of ammo for all three.
  • Join Oath Keepers!

* The citizens of Mosul did not have a 2nd Amendment!

And perhaps the greatest security of all…

Unfortunately for the same reasons we must not rely on government for security, we mustn’t rely on the likes of Cardinal Dolan for our souls’ salvation either. Endeavor to find clergy who haven’t sold out and be willing to step into the breach if there are none to be found. 🙂

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2 Responses to Could the Power Vacuum that Spawned ISIS Happen Here?

  1. Chip Murray says:

    I nearly forgot…The best antidote to losing your country is to be BETTER INFORMED!

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