Much Ado About Ferguson

"...and your little dog too!"

“…and your little dog too!”

The real ado about Ferguson isn’t the unarmed black teen shot by a white cop. The real ado about Ferguson is the light this incident has shined on the total dysfunction of our nation…a nation suffering the absence of moral leadership and lack of courage to contain a government drunk on its own power. Ferguson is no different than any other crisis we are facing today…which is to say that Government IS the crisis!

There are really two stories in one here. The first story is a false story about racism. The second story is a true story about the militarization of our domestic police agencies. Our “opportunistic” Federal Government which has morphed into a mutating black hole slime concoction of corporate-bank-government is behind both! Pure Evil!

                                                         The Racism Story

Myth ~ All black people are disenfranchised because they’re black, jailed by the white oppressor because they’re black and shot by the white police officers because they’re black.

Fact ~ Many black people have disenfranchised themselves by allowing charlatan race-baiters to represent their interests, jailed because they commit crimes and shot far more often by other black self-disenfranchised criminals.

LBJ did more as one man to rob the black American male of his dignity, black children of their fathers and black fetuses of their right to life, than any other person or group in the history of the world…with one stroke of his “Great Society” pen in 1964! In fact, he single-handedly turned our once “Great Society” into one giant resource-sucking “Welfare State” where gangsters, corrupt politicians and shysters like Al Sharpton thrive while honest people fail and innocent people die. They turned compassion into a most lucrative brothel…bankrolled by you and me!

                                    The Militarization of our Police Story

Our Republic was designed to function from the ground up, not top down as it has become. The militarization of our police began with something called a S.W.A.T. Team, created innocently enough by Commissioner Gates after the LA Riots. The story is laid out beautifully by Radley Balko in this Zero Hedge piece.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that the mutating black hole slime behind the caricature of Obama has been busy transforming and purging our military of “undesirables”…which essentially refers to those flag officers loyal to the flag and our Constitution. And don’t forget the massive steroid injection they gave the Patriot Act via the NDAA…for our protection of course. Well, who do you think these Cretans see as a bigger threat to their stranglehold on America’s liberties and freedoms…ISIS or the Tea Party? Exactly…which is why they are demilitarizing over there and beefing up over here. Obama may be Casper Milk Toast overseas, but he’s got Eric Holder here at home. And don’t forget Valerie Jarrett! She would have made Ghenghis Khan  blush…

Katrina, Boston, Bundy and now Ferguson…they are Wargaming us…testing us and circling us like the very predators they are…and we had better become more than the fattened sheep we’ve allowed ourselves to be in a hurry!

Everything they do is designed to weaken us locally to make us dependent on them centrally. Obamacare, Common Core and Regionalism (Agenda 21) are all crafted to this end! Our founders saw this coming and designed our system of self-governance with a built-in antidote. But we need to self-empower before we can ever dream of self-governing again. We need to do a much better job of informing ourselves about the “tools” they gave us! Whatever we may think we know about Martial Law and Militia…we may wish to think again. 😉

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2 Responses to Much Ado About Ferguson

  1. Chip Murray says:

    Imagine what this does to any mind, black or white, streaming in via headphones 24/7 Doped up and Rapped up courtesy Mama Jarrett & Papa Soros!!

  2. Kim says:

    BELOW IS A COPY OF A LETTER I RECENTLY SENT TO BERGEN COUNTY (NJ) EXECUTIVE KATHLEEN DONAVAN BECAUSE OUR CTNY SHERIFF WANTS TO ACCEPT ARMORED VEHICLES AS A GIFT FROM THE FED GOVT: (I realized after I sent the letter, I didn’t mention the fact we still have an active National Guard that should be called out if & when needed)

    I am extremely concerned about the possibility of Bergen County or any other city, town or county acquiring armored vehicles.

    This proposition is not only scary and unnecessary; it is Orwellian. Why is the Federal Govt “gifting” these vehicles to towns & counties? In a time when our government is gutting our military, how can they afford to “give away” such extravagant gifts? We already have armed forces to protect us and an armored vehicle will not be of help to SWAT teams when confronted with an active shooter situation.

    I believe Sheriff Saudino should be the one saying “no thank you” to the prospect of creating a para-military force in Bergen County. I am a bit suspicious of a County Sheriff who would like to accept armored vehicles “courtesy” of Washington, DC. I applaud you for taking a stand against the acquisition of such vehicles.

    Please take a moment to watch this video in which President Obama gives a speech stating how we need a civilian army that is just as strong as our US Military and the discussion by Judge Andrew Napolitano.

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