Burger King, the Whopper, and the Mistress!

"You didn't make that burger...here...anymore."

“You didn’t make that burger…here…anymore.”

Poor Obama just can’t catch a break. It doesn’t help that he’s not a very good businessman. He clearly struggles with the concept of balance sheets and the profit/loss realities of doing business. It seems like for every illegal alien he adds to the expense “free stuff” side of the ledger, he loses half a dozen employers like Burger King on the revenue side who are forced by his policies to seek greener tax pastures outside of the US! Talk about a bad deal…He lost two Kings in this one; the King of the Burgers, and the King of Omaha!

The bad news for us is that those things that make him a bad businessman permeate and infect everything he touches in every other crucial arena, foreign and domestic. He doesn’t talk to anybody and he doesn’t listen to those who try to talk to him. The man the American people are looking to in our greatest time of crisis, is himself a walking Whopper of a crisis!

The saying that “behind every great man is a great woman” [biting tongue], makes me wonder what they say about what’s behind every bad president? I would have to say “ideology”. Isn’t any ideology at all, conservative or liberal, deadly baggage for any president? In fact, isn’t ideology the most dangerous mistress of them all? The even worse news for American citizens is that both their President AND their Attorney General are in bed…together…with the same deadly mistress! Yuck!!…which is why they continue to make promise after promise to the Middle Class that their mistress will NEVER allow them to keep, while they continue to deny their wife (Mrs. Constitution) the loyalty and justice she rightfully expects!

WOW…they must have a very, very big bed! Because I just realized that Governor Andrew Cuomo is in the very same bed…at the same time…with the very same mistress! Triple Yuck! That’s why they call it sin. That is why an oath is sacred. And that is why whenever we violate that oath, performance at home is the first to suffer!

Oh, ooh…ouch! Speaking of performance, it would appear that the latest CBO (Congressional Budget Office) August GDP (Gross Domestic Product), the most critical performance measure of them all, just came up…er, uh…well it just sort of sat there limp…actually.

Oh, the mistress’s name? Progressive Ism…Lovely girl. Obsessive taker though! NEVER satisfied, that one! I wonder if there is such a thing as political Viagra? But if Obama were lucky enough to achieve a 4% lasting more than 4 hours, who would he call…his doctor? 🙂

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