Frankenmind and the Rape of Lady Liberty!

From the Mind of Franken:

“I’m Henaree the Ate I am, Henaree the Ate I am, I am…I got married to the page next door…somebody shoot me…Amnasty Amnasty Bonasty, BonannaBannaBonasty, BeeByBonasty, nasty…is it lunchtime yet…did I forget to flush…I mean floss…I wonder if they’re dumb enough to give us tenure?”

From the Mouth of Franken:

“You cannot not get the roast corn. Minnesota has the best sweet corn in the country, hands down, but this sweet corn—they actually have a dedicated kind of variety, a special, acres and acres of sweet corn, and it’s so delicious that I’ve had hundreds of corn over my years here. And I never had an ear that wasn’t unbelievable.” Franken went on: “I like the walleye on a stick, it’s much better than I ever thought. Do you like chocolate-chip cookies because they have a bucket of cookies with a bottomless glass of milk because the milk is really cold and really delicious.”

What do you say we move from the amber waves of Frankenmind sweet corn to something a trifle less…corny?

The facade is crumbling ~And as more and more people realize that they have been used and robbed, we will move swiftly from Huxley’s “Brave New World” to Orwell’s “1984.” The public, at some point, will have to face some very unpleasant truths. The good-paying jobs are not coming back. The largest deficits in human history mean that we are trapped in a debt peonage system that will be used by the corporate state to eradicate the last vestiges of social protection for citizens, including Social Security. The state has devolved from a capitalist democracy to neo-feudalism. And when these truths become apparent, anger will replace the corporate-imposed cheerful conformity. The bleakness of our post-industrial pockets, where some 40 million Americans live in a state of poverty and tens of millions in a category called “near poverty,” coupled with the lack of credit to save families from foreclosures, bank repossessions and bankruptcy from medical bills, means that inverted totalitarianism will no longer work.” ~ Chris Hedges

I believe it is safe to say that the majority of “legal” Americans now realize the President has “checked out” on the real matters that concern us; jobs, national security and foreign policy. Tragically, he remains resolute and fully engaged in his own ideological obsessions…which, as many of us warned in 2008, should be our biggest concern of all!

But too few of us listened! According to Rep. Peter King on Thursday, the enemy that brought down the Twin Towers with an operating budget of $200,000, and who Obama recently dismissed as a high school “JV” team, now has $2 Billion and much loftier ambitions! But Obama seems more interested in targeting Washington’s “Redskins” and deploying his IRS Troops to destroy Conservative Americans here at home! 😦

So, understanding we’ve lost the Executive Branch and realizing that the Congressional Corn Dog above is the poster child for a Legislative Branch struggling to get its double chin over the 11% approval bar…where does that leave us?  Who’s minding the store??

Here’s the real deal. Lady Liberty is all alone tonight wondering where all the real men have gone. She’s never been here before…there have always been men willing to step into the line of fire to protect and defend her. “The public, at some point, will have to face some unpleasant truths…good paying jobs”???? WHERE HAVE THE MEN GONE???? We used to stand up and look out for one another…now we look the other way. And now the very men we hired to “mind the store” have become predators themselves!

When men “check out” leadership checks out too…with honor, courage and integrity right behind! When did every man in the western world surrender his manhood to political correctness? What day was that exactly? “Police, social workers, and the media ignored pleas for help as more than a thousand young girls were abused by Muslim grooming gangs in Rotherham. Our leaders have been intimidated with labels like “racist” and “Islamophobe,” so they turned a blind to the plight of children who were being brutally gang-raped.” ~ David Wood, Answering Muslims

With no men left to fill the role and all that role entails, a vacuous void is left for the malcontents, deviants and worst of the worst to fill. They scurry in at night like rats, under the flowery pretense of Progressive sweeteners like Arab Spring and Social Justice…until your own neighbor becomes the enemy who wants to kill you!

Have another minimum-wage-corndog Al! Surely you can squeeze in another 9 Mr. President? (pssst, I wouldn’t play too close to our southern border though sir. A lot water, sand traps and er, uh, well…hazards to worry about.!)

But please don’t worry yourselves about our Lady Liberty here at home people! The manly men in the FBI have her back. NOT!

When the cat’s away, the mice will play…

When the man leaves his home, the wolf knows…


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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4 Responses to Frankenmind and the Rape of Lady Liberty!

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  2. Paul Laux says:

    Tension, fear and uncertainty in the air, Chipo! The wolves are at our doors. The Earth is shaking a bit more these days. The sea is getting rough with lots of storm clouds on the horizon. The wolves are in the devouring business and baby, business is booming. That critical thinking switch remains in the “off” position for lots of sheep (Sheep-“A meek and docile person”, other than the ruminant mammal, Random House Dictionary). We stand top heavy with sheep at the helm of the ship. Sheep-boys like Mr. Franken and Mr. Boehner and thousands of other sheep-boys up on the bridge. Don’t trust them, with their fake captain uniforms. The ship is taking on water while they smile and pose for photos with passengers in the entertainment lounge. The wise will look not to the captains, but to The Capstone,

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