The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ August 31, 2014

“Yes…a little off the top and leave the sideburns be if you please.”

“Yes…a little off the top and leave the sideburns be if you please.”

This is the one you will not find being preached in church this morning…WHY?

There probably isn’t an image of physical pain more shocking to the mind than the brutal beheading of a terrified man on his knees by a brutal hooded savage in black! But then again, terrified men and women leaping 100 floors to escape the fiery inferno served up by the same savages has to be right up there…

Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend! There are two types of pain to my mind; the pain our bodies experience (physical), and the pain we experience emotionally (spiritual). In a sense the innocent victims above experience both the emotional fear of the physical pain they realize will end their physical existence, and the physical pain of being murdered. The friends and especially the families experience the emotional pain.

Our neutered clergy are good about comforting the friends and families after the event has occurred, but they are AWOL in preparing us ahead of time. For instance, the most important discussion to have has to do with the intention of the Terrorists. Their primary objective is to establish an almost paralyzing level of emotional fear. Logically, one would say, the first step to defeating them is to deny them their primary objective by choosing not to fear…even as we are in the orange jumpsuit on our knees on the desert floor, knowing we are about to physically part with our own heads.

‘Till Death Do Us Part

So is it even humanly possible to choose not to have what many would argue is an uncontrollable reflexive response in the face of such horror? To which I would say probably not…when we’ve been conditioned and programmed to behave like the sheep we clearly aren’t! And how do we know we’re not sheep? Because we possess the divine gift of reason and free will…right?

Now I want you to think about some of the experiences in your own life where you experienced some of your worst pain. I’ll share some of mine. I crashed my red wagon forcing the handle to tear open my cheek just below my left eye when I was 6. I had some kid with a good arm throw a stone from about 30 feet away and hit me right in the mouth knocking my front tooth out while standing on my grandparent’s porch in Syracuse when I was 10. I think the worst physical pain I’ve ever experienced though, would have to be any number of the ordinary tooth aches over the years. But all of these put together do not come close to the pain I experienced when the Dutch girl named Krysia broke my heart! This is the pain of spirit, the jagged edge that rips the soul…beyond imagination. Engine room of the blues baby!

I wonder if your stroll down painful memory lane yielded similar results? Think about this. How many people have you ever heard or read about who have committed suicide as a direct result of physical pain? And how many who have ended their lives…because the Krysias broke their hearts? Do you see my point? There is an extremely valuable message in this…and it becomes even more valuable the deeper we take it!

What does this tell us about ourselves that we need to know? Doesn’t it tell us, generally speaking, that spiritual pain is far, far, far more difficult to bear than the physical pain itself? But the pain of fear is a pain of “choice” as I said before. It is the fear of the scratch in comparison to the torment of the soul. Michael Voris describes this torment that awaits the “conditioning and programming” shepherds who have betrayed their flock quite vividly here.  Now that is pain my friends…and it “never” ends.

Finally think about this. Do you realize how devastating it is to the tormentor when you’ve disabled his ability to torment? Realize the optics of the moment, the crippling effect on the tyrant and strengthening effect in the hearts the people themselves as the sixteen Carmelite Nuns of Compiegne sang on their way to the guillotine of the French Revolution…or when Catholic Martyr St. Lawrence cheerfully quipped to his executioners, “Turn me over, I’m done on this side” as they were burning him to death in the year 258!

We will never know James Foley’s mind on that desert floor, but imagine the impact on the cowardly mind behind the black hood, had Foley’s last words been, “Yes…a little off the top and leave the sideburns be if you please.” 🙂


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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4 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ August 31, 2014

  1. Mike says:

    Many people have a courage they do not know they even have. Courage is not the absence of fear, it is doing what is necessary in spite of fear. That is what we all need to remember, we can have courage and still be scared to death. Being able to make a good statement while facing impending death is cool, but having the inner spirit in the belief of God and knowing your attacker is doomed to Hell for eternity is what keeps most of us safe in our mind. Yes, fear will show, but who cares what a bully thinks anyway. Bullies are cowards, so stand tall outwardly or internally. Either way you win in the end. Remember the footsteps in the sand story. You see 2 sets of footprints in the sand. Then you ask God to look at only one set of footprints and you say, where were you Lord. The Lord responses, that’s when I carried you! God Bless America and All she stands for…

    • Chip Murray says:

      That is a terrific point Michael. The greatest courage is found in those who act selflessly in spite of their fear. They refuse to let the fear they are experiencing paralyze them…My point in this particular Tune-up is that there is a “mind” that knows no fear…a mind that most of us (including myself) have been “conditioned and programmed” away from! Happy Labor Day my friend!

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