Lucky Lindy, Brother Love, and the “Dignity” of Marriage

Archimedes (c. 287 BC–c. 212 BC) Moving the World Needing a Place to Stand to Accomplish the Task

Archimedes (c. 287 BC–c. 212 BC) Moving the World Needing a Place to Stand to Accomplish the Task

In order for same-sex marriage to be dignified, same-sex sex has to be dignified. There is no way morally, biologically, reasonably, or historically that same-sex sex can be made to look respectable. Once the abnormality of same-sex sex is dignified by legal fiction, we can no longer claim that any sexual relationship can be labeled inappropriate. ~ Sanctioning Immorality in the Name of Legal Fiction

We had some friends over for a little barbecue in the rain on Sunday. It was actually a very nice time with lots of laughs. I was the only one who got wet…I guess because I was the chef and no one has invented the indoor barbecue yet. The extent of our conversational stray into political waters seemed to contain itself around gun control and the alarming surge of Islamic Terror à la ISIS.

The gun control seed was planted when my anti-gun-wife’s friends arrived…straight from the Newburgh Gun Show! Mitch, retired from the NYPD, is a huge supporter of the 2nd Amendment was soon joined by Dave, another “right to bear arms” guy and fellow Oath Keeper. It’s always best to discuss issues of controversy in the presence of common sense and practical experience…a pairing I have found to be extremely difficult to challenge, which is why they are so often barred from the room these days!

The conversation around ISIS grew a little more heated when one of us attempted an end- around common sense. It was the old moral equivalency trick we’ve seen an awful lot of lately. Obama does it routinely, backed up by State-run media i.e., Israel/Hamas (positioning the sole oasis of democracy and human rights in the Middle Eastern desert on the same moral ground as a terrorist organization), Ferguson Looters/Police (positioning the criminal on the same moral ground as the crime-fighter), etc. In this case it happened to be the Jewish mother of a young Jewish man dating a Muslim girl, with a sister whose FB avatar is “I Am Gaza!”

Her argument was derailed at the border crossing between common sense and illogical. Anybody would be able to understand how such a person would feel compelled to defend the Good Muslim/Bad Muslim argument. But using the moral equivalency strategy to compare the religion of Christianity to the ideology of Islam in a Bible vs. Koran showdown doesn’t come close to clearing the twin hurdles of common sense and practical experience!! The point that ended the argument (peacefully I might add)? Please feel free to share:

The United States is the best example of a country founded and established on basic Judeo-Christian principles and values. Pick any country where Islam is the foundation of governance in accordance with “Sharia Law”, compare the two, and then talk to me about the moral equivalency! ISIS is following the precise instruction of the prophet Mohammad. The US followed the instruction of Moses and Jesus Christ! Which set of followers has committed over 23,000 acts of terror since 9/11 and counting?

In a last ditch effort the valiant defender of  the “Not All Muslims are Bad” argument perpetuating the PC force shield protecting the Bad Muslims attempted the Religious Right/KKK argument before sputtering into the fierce headwinds of common sense and the eventual tail-spin followed by the puff of smoke plume below.

Now the one topic and original point of this particular blog was not visited by us on this particular occasion…which is probably a good thing. We didn’t get to discuss the issue of “same-sex-marriage”. I happened across this very interesting read at Godfather Politics (linked to the opening quote) the morning after that seemed to connect gun control and ISIS in the sense that allowing the same common sense and practical experience twins into the room helps to clear the clouds so shrewdly seeded by the deadly duo, obfuscation and deception.

It’s almost always the things we don’t know that pose the greatest threat. “Low Information Voters” are a Democratic Republic’s worst nightmare! “If same-sex marriages are “dignified,” then what can anybody say against Lindbergh’s polygamy? The Court has turned law on its head. Now everything is up for grabs. The moral fallout will be devastating. It didn’t stop with same-sex marriage and it won’t stop with bigamy and polygamy as a federal judge just made evident in a Utah case.”

WHAT? Lucky Lindy was a Polygamist? There probably wasn’t a more revered and admired man in America in the 30’s and 40’s than Charles Lindbergh! Who Knew? I knew he admired Hitler and opposed our involvement in the early years of Hitler’s aggression but, like most people, I assumed he was a moral person…which makes me realize something sort of important here. Have you ever noticed that we tend to look the other way when it comes to our heroes? Hitler knew that…Obama knows that! But then where is the solid ground left for any of us to stand upon…

“There is no longer a moral standard, a behavioral pou sto, a fixed moral place to stand. We are left with judges creating fiat law. We shouldn’t be surprised that they are doing this since the government has been making fiat money for a lot longer (see Isa. 1:21-23).” I encourage you to read the entire “Sanctioning Immorality” article, and check out some of the comments. The first one caught my eye…

Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show has been here so many times before that every single one of us has the music in our heads from before we were born! The words roll off his mustached lips like sweet perfume riding the air currents, encouraging the nose to open the ears before we ever know what hit us. Why is it we’re so quick to close the door on true Christians who show up for their neighbors in time of need, drop off fresh vegetables and a loving word, never expecting a thing in return…and then open it wide, ready to give the snake oil peddlers the shirt off our backs? Come to think of it, we haven’t been very hospitable to common sense and practical experience lately either!

Maybe time for a little less “legal fiction”, and a little more dignity? What say you?

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5 Responses to Lucky Lindy, Brother Love, and the “Dignity” of Marriage

  1. erick says:

    No doubt there are “good”, (as the world sees good) people who are lukewarm Muslims, as apposed to fundamentalist Mohammedans. Unfortunately when the purists of Islam gain enough power in a country, the lukewarms tend to go along, (or get murdered.)
    Fundamental Mohammedism can never co-exist in America, at least not the America we grew up in that is based on God given unalienable rights. What we are witnessing in European countries with large Muslim populations should be a wake up call. In America, large hearted but logic challenged Liberals, especially Atheistic or Agnostic have much trouble understanding this. Simply put, the goal of Koranic Islam is domination. The goal of true Bible Christianity is love.
    May God help us.

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