How They Turned Our World Upside Down

The Men Behind the Curtain

The Men Behind the Curtain

“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense.”
― Lewis CarrollAlice Adventures in Wonderland

“I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.”
― Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland

I had a very difficult time picking out just the right quote from the famous Carroll classic. In fact, I couldn’t pick one…it had to be two. We have surely landed in “nonsense” and there seems to be no way back. There’s no end to the levels of nonsensical we are now achieving each and every day. Our ship has sailed so far from the port of reality, there’s no more port, no more land…no more horizon! In fact, the last remaining thread connecting us to sanity is the thread of knowledge…the knowledge that this has been done to us. I promise not to let go…if you don’t! 🙂

I had never heard the name of Joan Veon until this past weekend when I friend of mine, a commercial realtor and wonderful activist in the liberty movement, sent me a video (linked below) of one of her presentations. It is the most well-presented, articulate and concise explanation of everything you need to know in order to turn “nonsense” into “total sense”. I am here to tell you that one of the biggest lies ever told is the lie that “ignorance is bliss”. Ignorance is suicide…and worse!

                            “ He Who Owns The Gold Makes The Rules”

“Divide the world into Regional Groups as a transition stage to World Government. Populations will more readily abandon their national loyalties to a vague regional loyalty than they will for a World Authority. Later the Regions can be brought all the way into a single World Dictatorship.” ~ Joseph Stalin

They are doing this now, today! Every local official you know needs to see Joan’s presentation!

Ms. Veon tells us that long before the barriers between nations fell, powerful and evil men were planning to control the monetary system of the world. They took their first big diabolical step in this country on Christmas Eve 2013 at 11:45pm after their “God-fearing” colleagues had gone home…when a handful of jackals on Capitol Hill passed the Federal Reserve Act!

I’ve given enough away, and it is only the tip…or very bottom of the most dangerous ice berg in the history western civilization! I say it is the most dangerous without hesitation or exaggeration because America is the modern day Titanic heading directly for it…with no lookouts or competent crew in the wheelhouse. The passengers are so completely detached, disoriented and oblivious to their own voyage, I’m not sure they know whether they’re on land or sea to be perfectly honest.

Every single act of terror, every lie of Obama’s, every treacherous betrayal of Cardinal Dolan’s, every year of zero interest, every banned rodeo clown, every new law and regulation, every dollar of debt and deficit, every saint vilified, every villain ordained, every illegal legitimized, every Christian martyred, every American institution under attack, every virtue marginalized, every patriot labeled terrorist, every journalist silenced, every whistle-blower prosecuted, every success demonized, every debauchery rewarded, wholesomeness quarantined and disease unleashed…In short, every cursed pixel of this wretched upside-down slime pit of a bed we have made for ourselves is explained right here! Joan Veon Explains One World Government

This is a moving tribute to Joan Veon who passed away in 2010. It gives us a wonderful picture of who this woman was. May God Bless her soul and her message which is thankfully still alive!

Please tune in Saturday for The March of the Fright Brigade!

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2 Responses to How They Turned Our World Upside Down

  1. mike says:

    We are allowing liberal fantasy, administered by lofty ideas of oh how can anyone be so unkind, to drive our nation into a European mirror. One need only look at Europe to see our future. The liberal, socialist idea of world order simply does not work. By controlling the money, they, whoever that is, will use the ignorant media, who will be the 1st to be removed from their world, to tell stories like a one sided pancake. One wonders why our politicians or powerful people will not do or tell the people what is in our national interest. Truthfully! Yes, they all seem content on keeping their power and tossing our nation into the garbage. How sad is the future for us and them. Yes them too! Islam is coming and they are not stopping it. Why? Is money be placed into their hands so they stay silent to this engrossing cult. I truly wonder and it seems hard to believe I am saying this, are politicians of today destroying all our futures for $$ now. Are they so shallow? God must have a plan and we must search our hearts and minds and stand up and defend our Christian nation against any and all evil. If we must fight then so be it. We did not start down this destructive path, but we shall fight like Hell to stop this. We should remember this, any words by Islamic followers on how they too are against radicals is meaning less. It is their actions to which we must judge what is happening! Therefore, our course is clear, Stop unlimited immigration from all nations which hate US. That is is good place to start or else we are doomed. Think on it for a while…God Bless America

    • Chip Murray says:

      “We the people” has evolved to “We the Serfs”! We have ceded our power to the “One World Gov’t” crowd & those who’ve sold their souls to them. Their strange bedfellow is Islam…”the enemy of my enemy”…because both detest what America once stood for…and some of us still do. I’m a very optimistic person, but I don’t see this changing regardless of Nov results. We are being pushed to a choice, slavery or fight!

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