“Climate March” ~ The Charge of the Fright Brigade

Half a league, half a league, half a league onward...

Half a league, half a league, half a league onward…

I once roomed with a guy from the Dakotas back in the seventies. I remember him telling me what he knew about this thing called “civil mind control” developed by the Russians. I remember telling him with great confidence, “That could never happen here!”

Today his warning and my response are echoing in my mind because a civilian army of completely controlled minds has been mobilized to attack an imaginary enemy…a monster of the mind really. What will come to be known as the most hoodwinked generation ever birthed will board hundreds of buses tomorrow with thousands of signs manufactured and paid for by over 600 sponsors…on one of the coldest weekends at the end of one of the coldest summers in recorded history…because they were told (by a snake oil peddler from Tennessee) that our earth was overheating as a result of the evil-WE essentially having eaten a hole in the ozone! Whew!

“Still the man hears what he wants to hear                                                               And disregards the rest” ~ Paul Simon, The Boxer

Now mind you…this exact same army bats nary an eyelash as the real monsters lop off heads, cut children in half, and rape and mutilate young girls and women as they seek to slaughter our real army before they come to “slaughter us and drink our blood” …while the very politician who has ginned us up against the Tea Party and Weather Monsters assures his hoodwinked legions that the real monster is at war with itself! This, my friends, is textbook SELF-LOATHING! Period.

In fact, the very same mindless civilian army boarding buses to fight the weather is signing up to support the real monsters at the very same time! What would JFK have said? “Ask not what your monster can do for you; ask what you can do for your monster!” (note – I tried to insert a smiley emoticon but it refused) 😦

Hear this; my mind-mangled friends, you are not going to NYC to save the world. You are being loaded onto buses as the Jews were once loaded onto box cars…except you board willingly! You go by your own delusion to fit yourselves (and the rest of us) with the shackles and leg irons of your own enslavement! Meet your Masters here! Meet the Monster they created at the 42:26 minute mark…

Interestingly, my “Fright Brigade” derived from the famous British “Light Brigade” fatefully dispatched against the wrong target as well in the Crimean War of 1854…with one minor difference. The latter were troops of exceptional courage and valor. The former is perhaps the most narcissistic army of pampered entitlement to ever board a bus to nowhere! History will be most unkind my tilting friends…

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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3 Responses to “Climate March” ~ The Charge of the Fright Brigade

  1. mike says:

    The saying goes,” you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink it.” It seems the current administration has, with the help of socialists and liberals who believe their own PR, taught fools you can make the horse drink. Mindless and submissive, these people do not see the forest for the trees. We must right the ship and take back our right to choose unhampered by the government. It is a long road back, so let’s start now…

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