First Scouting, Then the Military, Now Football?

Eunuch for the State

Eunuch for the State

“When a man bows to political correctness, he surrenders the essence of his man-ness to become a Eunuch for the State…a street walking whore.” ~ Shutupnsing

If you want to find America’s true enemies, just identify her traditional institutions taking the most fire and follow the attacks to their source. The healthiest societies are those well balanced in their male/female energy where the virility of the man is a potent complement to the femininity of the woman. The Feminists have all but destroyed the “dignity of the female body” and the sacred beauty of femininity while the Progressives have all but castrated our male masculinity.

Hip Hop and Hollywood have transformed Alice Von Hildebrand’s “Mother of the Living” into a barren wasteland. The death of femininity and the dignity of the female is the curse of the Feminists. And once we’ve eliminated the need for a mother to create the living, we no longer need the male seed…which is to say; to the Progressive mind…there is no need for the “traditional” man!

Coincidently, the institutions of marriage, scouting, military and the National Football League are under all out and relentless assault. The institution of marriage is suffering its lowest rate (50%) in 93 years, while political correctness has taken the “morally straight” out of Scouting, the “warrior spirit” out of the Military and the “spirit of the game” out of the NFL!

What is left? We have the former temple of womanhood hollowed out, stripped of mystery and grace down to its naked flashing neon core. Equally pathetic is the empty male hull covered in opportunistic pleasure seeking tendons and sinew…masking the void of true manhood! The diminished “Apostolate of Being” , reduced to validation seeking units measured by what they say versus who they are! Phil Simms, former quarterback turned Eunuch: “My very first thought is it will be ‘Washington’ the whole game.” Pathetic!!

What is going on at the NFL has nothing to do with Ray Rice punching his wife * or Adrian Peterson spanking his kid, and it certainly has nothing to do with football…anymore than the destruction of scouting had anything to do with scouting, or the destruction of our healthcare system was ever about healthcare! It is all about gutting the essence of who we are were as Americans by seizing control and stealing the power of the key elements…in this case, the men. The office manager of my doctor’s office confided in me regarding the disasters their patients are experiencing due to Obamacare. “Where were the doctors when this all went down?” I asked. In other words, WHERE WERE THE MEN?

Think about this. What better institution to have prepared boys for become men than the Boy Scouts of America? What better institution to have prepared young men for the honor of defending and protecting their homes, communities and country than football?

Can you imagine what Robert Baden Powell will have to say to those at the helm of the Scouting legacy he created IF they make it to Heaven? And wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall in Heaven’s locker room at half-time when Lombardi gives Simms and Goodell the talk! God help us!

* Domestic abuse in the NFL is lower than the national average!  🙂


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