Land of the Free?

The Signs of Soft Tyranny!

The Signs of Soft Tyranny!

The problem with conceptualizing “freedom” is the subjective nature and varied meanings of the word itself. For example, when I ask one friend if she’s free for lunch this afternoon, and I ask another how it feels to be free after spending his last 10 years in a maximum security prison, I’m dealing with two different levels of the word, aren’t I?

Conservative best-selling author and talk-show host Mark Levin speaks about the difference between soft tyranny and hard tyranny, and how the former ultimately leads to the latter. If I had told you  twenty years ago that we would be living in a society where law abiding citizens who own firearms are targeted and demonized as “extremists” while law-breaking thugs in Sanford and Ferguson are coddled as sweet innocent victims…in a country where government goes after people who choose not to behead their own grass while refusing to confront the evil that seeks to behead, us, our families, our friends, and our neighbors…you’d have rightfully dismissed me as a loon! Well, my friends, welcome to the land of the soft and subtle tyranny that is hardening before our very eyes! The problem is that we have been conditioned to think of tyranny as something foreign, with concrete and razor wire, imposed by dark hulking figures with thick heavy accents…never suspecting the charming guy in a suit with a blue tie and American Flag lapel pin!

But people who’ve actually lived under the thumb of Nazi-style Fascism (which began as touchy-feely National Socialism), and Soviet-style Communism (which was all supposed to be about the people and equality), could tell us all a painful thing or two about hard tyranny, where death is the only freedom imaginable…and the idea of it grows sweeter by the day! They were lured by charming people who promised “hope and change” too!

Socialized Government-run Healthcare is the Tyrant’s dream…you can visualize them scheming, “We’ll call it the Affordable Care Act”! It is the single most effective way to bridge the gap from soft to hard. How free can any of us be when they alone possess the very key to the health and welfare of every single family in America? The only other thing is money really. As a financial advisor, I help people achieve “financial independence”. They don’t like that! So while they have most of us from what I like to call the “comfortable middle class” on up mesmerized by the Stock Market Index, nobody is paying attention to the Economic Freedom Index! Not a pretty picture! Notice the trend line…

Remember the song from the sixties or seventies that went, “Sign, sign, everywhere there’s signs. Blocking out the scenery, breaking my mind. Do this, don’t do that! Can’t you read the sign?” Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the signs had babies…lots and lost of babies…and their babies had babies!

You have to understand what is happening in places like Bunker Hill Nevada, Houston Texas, and Coeur d’ Alene Idaho to realize exactly what we’re facing. When the Bundys stood up at Bunker Hill to government reaching beyond itself, we the people were given tiny spots marked with my favorite sign “free speech zones” cordoned off away from the event…and the cameras. Their “oversteps” in Houston and Coeur d’ Alene are merely tips of a continental iceberg! Here! In the land of Jefferson, Adams, Madison and Franklin!!!

We have gone from being the captains of our own ship to becoming the helpless passengers watching them steer us from crisis to crisis, Ebola to ISIS…from “One Nation under God” to a divided nation under Government! We sit in our business network meetings talking about real estate markets, short sales and economies that we have less and less power and influence over.

There’s a certain poetic quality to it. The same ideology that brought us Leadership without Accountability, Families Without Fathers and Doctors Without Borders has finally made us Prisoners Without Bars!!! History already knows what comes next…


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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3 Responses to Land of the Free?

  1. Paul Laux says:

    The land of desperados, for sure. Too far gone at this point, Chipo!

  2. Mike says:

    Yes, it is clear that at the present pace we are heading directly toward a government that will control how live. We must fight back with every fiber of our beings to stop this socialism. It has never worked and never will. It has been 50 years of social programs and spreading the wealth ideas. We are not better off. Government, even with the best intentions, cannot make our lives better by controlling everything we do. I use to say, when wearing seatbelts became law, next we must wear motorcycle helmets in cars to prevent head injuries. Sounds silly right. Not anymore, just look at what they are doing to us now. Control Health care, no border stops, no voter ID cards because that will prevent citizens from voting, except in NY, the AJ and the President call a police shooting racism, um, before the facts are in, Muslim refugees by the thousands enter our country each year and are colonizing our country not melting into it, and the politicians and media in power tell us that conservative citizens are terrorists, the mayor of Houston, has a great idea, she wants to be given copies of lectures given by religious leaders in their churches, OK start with mosques!! . I need to cling to my Bible because each day I pray our land will get back to its roots of LIBERTY! I am simply stating what is happening. Republican or democrat, any of them who follow, by their voting record, a big government control agenda needs to go. What happen to my country FIRST. They just want $$$ and power, they don’t care about honor or duty. Oh, God forbid, if the President and the VP pass away, who becomes President? The speaker of the House. Do any of us want him either? He might just cry again. That makes me want to cry. We deserve better. Maybe an honest, flag loving, put the country first citizen, should run for office. Something to think about. It’s America and we have rights. Remember what I say, Do it now, before it’s illegal!

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