Rev. Al Forced To Perform KKK Wedding! Mohammad’s Sex Slaves Musical Hits Broadway!

Donald & Evelyn Knapp

Donald & Evelyn Knapp

Where have all the courageous free thinkers gone. Are we really going to surrender to the ass-backwards world of blatant Progressive hypocrisy?

Has anybody besides me wondered how it is that the 1st Amendment Rights of 5 Christian pastors can be so clearly violated by demanding they turn over their sermons to the State by the Progressive lesbian mayor of Houston as part of HERO (Houston Equal Rights Ordinance)…without ordering Imams to do the same even though homosexuality is punishable by death under Islamic Law?

And what about the white Christian ministers in Coeur d’ Alene Idaho, Donald and Evelyn Knapp, who were just ordered to perform a same-sex-marriage or go to jail…in keeping with the city’s “non-discrimination” ordinance? What if the KKK Imperial Grand Wizard and his Ayran Nation bride were to decide they’d like to get hitched in a Southern Black Baptist Church in downtown Selma…and demand that Reverend Al Sharpton to do the honors…hmmm?

And now the self-loathing “I Am Gaza”, Judeo-Christian-Israel-Hating, “Christ in Urine”-wasn’t bad enough-crowd have given us a new Broadway show…The Death of Klinghoffer…an Opera glorifying terrorism at the expense of the Leon Klinghoffer family! All I could do was shake my head as I listened to the Progressive Geraldo Rivera lecture former NY Governor David Patterson who happened to be one of the show’s protestors. “What’s the matter Governor, do you have a problem with the artist’s right to free speech?” Fair enough Geraldo, I’ve just written a wonderful opera my self called The Barbary Butcher of Seville about a conflicted transvestite jihadist who falls in love with Mayor Bloomberg. What say you now my Progressive friend?

If “Man’s Best Friend” were susceptible to Progressivism, the Bug Shops would be booming in Caninevilles across America! Fidos, Spots and Scooby Doos would form endless tail-wagging lines around every bug store in the country…to buy fleas! But they have more sense than we do, which is why most dogs will only relieve themselves at fire hydrants when there are no Progressives in range! 🙂

When are the good Americans going to finally connect the dots? Christians have become the yellow coat-sleeve-stars of the 21st century! We have become Public Enemy #1 to the Progressive State of America because our faith is incompatible with their anything goes answer to everything!

Progressives should change their name to reflect the reality of all they touch, “This Does Not Work!” But instead they seduce the mind with sweet-smelling names like The Affordable Care Act, The SAFE Act, HOPE, Social Justice, Smart Growth, Sustainability, Common Core and CAIR when what they really mean to say is “We’re going to steal your country right out from under you and you will not recognize her by the time we’re done having our way with her!”

THIS IS WHY NOBODY WILL BUY THEIR BOOKS! Just ask Hilary! And is there anything on earth half as Hil-ary-ous as watching the panicked stampede of Democrats scrambling to distance themselves from the Progressive Poison they made us all drink in the first place…as the same Main Stream Media frauds that have carried Obama on their shoulders since ’08 are now reporting on him as if they’ve only just been introduced? Priceless!

In fact the only thing they’ve been able to point to and take credit for is the Stock Market! Think of a brain-dead coma patient attached to life support. We’re thinking, hey this is great, not realizing we’re on the hook for the $200 Billion per quarter the Merry Banksters are pumping into the patient to keep it alive! What happens when they finally pull the plug? Remember, “This-Does-Not-Work!”

So another day, another stoning, another honor-killing, another beheading, another act of terror by Islamic terrorists…just another day in Progressive World! It makes perfect sense really, a stock market that has nothing to do with true value, and a global epidemic of Islamic savagery that has nothing to do with Islam!

Godfather Politics asks “Where are the men and women who can stop Obama?” in response to whistle blowers having exposed his plan to open the illegal floodgates to as many as 30 Million foreign “invaders” after the mid-term elections…without Congress and against the will of the American People. That’s a darn good question, because this would be a treasonous Act of War!

In the meantime, please let the Grand Wizard know that my wife is a wedding photographer. And if anyone knows anyone with money who doesn’t mind becoming a target of the IRS and ISIS, please have them get in touch with me to discuss the funding of my new opera! 🙂

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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