The Assault on America with “Quickness” and “Brutality”!

The Soon-to-be-Legals’ “Pledge of Allegiance” to our Border Patrol!

The Soon-to-be-Legals’ “Pledge of Allegiance” to our Border Patrol!

“Our strength is our quickness and brutality.” ~ Adolph Hitler – Obersalzberg Speech on August 22, 1939

“The people have spoken…and they must be punished.” ~ Mayor Ed Koch after the election of David Dinkins as Mayor. We were punished then, and most Americans are finally beginning to understand the Obama version of consequence and punishment.

“And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but it was really, really critical for (Obamacare) to pass.” ~ Jonathan Gruber, MIT Economist and key architect of Obamacare speaking to an audience of academics in October 2013.

I just spent 4 days in the body shop (hospital) getting brand new coil springs (hips) for the old ’53, sharing a room with a “pragmatic” Republican who happened to be a vintage ’34 model. We became instant friends! We were in total agreement on the road conditions (political & social issues of the day), and in complete disagreement on how to remove the road hazards (pot holes, obstructions, black ice and dead ends).

There were two bombshells that struck the dangerously compromised nerve center of America during our stay. The first was the surfacing of a series of videos of Professor Jonathan Gruber admitting that the key components of Obamacare were intentionally misrepresented to deceive the American People. And we paid him to deceive us!! The second earth-shaking blast was Obama’s illegal Amnesty Executive Order against the will of the same American People!

The Gruber Confession was the last straw for me! I realized what separates the Tea Party Republican from the Pragmatic Republican! The Pragmatists believe that the pot holes, obstructions, black ice and dead ends can be fixed by the road crew wearing their colors within the current Department of Transportation. The Tea Party, on the other hand, believes that the entire highway system has been designed and built to drive America off the road and into the ditch by the very same DOT we still depend on to make the repairs! Hannibal Lector is driving Miss Daisy!!

America has become the Fool on the Hill watching the world spinning ‘round…as Muslims tell the residents of Maryland there will be no more Christmas and Hanukah…Russian military jets are patrolling the Gulf of Mexico…and American sailors are bullied in the port of our NATO Ally Turkey…while the American Fool loses his strut on the world stage in Beijing…and spies on his own people here at home…as the Russian Wolf circles…demanding hoards of disrespect and diseased entitlement invade our country…and the American Press spins “abject failure” into simply “being bold”.

Another thought occurs to me as my pragmatic friend and I find ourselves in complete agreement on these symptoms of an America in obvious distress: I wear my flag pin upside down and my political and spiritual heart on my sleeve. John would never reveal himself that way, and instead would bargain more discreetly in the “half a loaf” camp. I believe in God, the Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth; and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our LordJohn is an Atheist. I see God’s hand in all of this…John does not!

“Quickness”, “Brutality” and “Punishment” are as much a part of Obama’s America as they were of Hitler’s Germany. At the heart there isn’t a “smidgeon” of difference between the force behind Obama and that which drove Hitler; just as with Gruber and Goebbels! At the heart of it all, it is and always has been Good vs. Evil. When the Light of God is suppressed, the darker shadows of human nature will always fill the void! Secularism prepared the European soil for Hitler exactly as it has for Obama and the Banker/Multi-National Oligarchs who actually control America!

How many of us are breathing easier as we listen for the GOP Cavalry who will surely ride to our rescue, without stopping to connect the dots of their betrayal on Amnesty, their backtracking on Repeal, and their disdain for the Tea Party? Why are we always so ready to surrender the virtue of critical thinking to the vice of wishful thinking? The man Dietrich von Hildebrand described in Adolph Reinach no longer exists: “Reinach struck him as a person totally free of prejudice and receptive to the “voice” of being. He had an outstanding precision and clarity of mind, and he immediately awakened one’s trust because one could sense his integrity. He radiated an atmosphere of moral strength, of absolute purity, and of an outspoken moral greatness.”

Actually we were introduced to this same character in the now famous prayer breakfast speech by Dr. Ben Carson…and most recently in Navy Seal Robert O’Neill, who we now know as “The Man Who Shot Osama Bin Laden”. The revealing contrasts are exactly the same…Hitler/von Hildebrand, Obama/Carson and Gruber/O’Neill! Evil/Good! There are only people who were once Masters of their own “Individual” Destinies who are now Subject “Serfs” of the Masters who control the “Communal” Destinies of our World. The voice that tells us “Carson is un-electable” is no friend to Truth! There will be no Cavalry! There is only submission or resistance!

 “Every religious writer, or speaker, or teacher, who absents himself from danger and is not present where it is, and where the Evil has its stronghold, is a deceiver…” ~ Søren Aabye Kierkegaard

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2 Responses to The Assault on America with “Quickness” and “Brutality”!

  1. erick says:

    We will have the government we deserve. As long as we live our lives ignoring God and elect Godless men or lukewarm “Christians” to make our laws and choose our judges, don’t expect much to change. P.S. The head of the Sullivan County Republican party is is also a self avowed “pragmatist.”

  2. Chip Murray says:

    Prospective leaders with moral strength and integrity tend to be viewed as dangerous by the powers that be in pay-to-play NY…God Fearing? Unacceptable!

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