Islam Targeting American “Gateway Cities”!

The Emissaries of Evil!

The Emissaries of Evil!

The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.  ~ Barack Obama

Who does the future belong to Mr. President? It doesn’t seem to belong to innocent, charity-minded Americans…as another one of our heads was lost to the blade of those representing “the prophet”, while another one waits in the queue…this time a woman’s!

Mark my words. History will reveal that our greatest threat at this moment in time was not ISIS but a man the American Public mistook for a President instead of the treasonous enemy he turned out to be! Think about this: If the “powers that be” were able to pull off the hoax we now painfully know as Obamacare, why would the fraudulent “Trojan Horse” presidency that cleared the way for Gruber’s deception be any harder to fathom? Isn’t it safe to assume that our future belongs to those creating it…Mr. President? But can we rely on a man most Americans have learned not to trust to tell us what that future holds in store?

In fact, rather than relying on the words of a “sociopathic liar”, perhaps the American People would be wiser to pay attention…to see with their own eyes what is happening in the UK and the rest of Europe to glean a more accurate version of the future heading our way…before worrying about who it “belongs to.”

What does it say about the future of the people in the UK when the savages that beheaded the five Western hostages were once ordinary British citizens radicalized into becoming bloodthirsty monsters by the Islamic invaders who enjoy the same cultural immunity-blanket of protection we know here in the states as political correctness?

Who does the future belong to in Brussels and Paris after the same invaders set up “NO GO ZONES” sanctioned by a government whose laws they don’t recognize, as they seek to transform the entire continent into one contiguous Sharia Hell Hole! “Immigrant Tensions” is code for Islamic Invasion! Forget their words…use your own eyes!!!

And these birds of a feather plot together with our own “Sociopathic Liar”-in-Chief. They (CAIR) pretend to be the good guys by condemning the ISIS be-headings, even as they are exposed by those who know them best! They are coming here! They are already preparing the soil by selectively targeting their “Gateway Cities” and stealing the minds of our children via re-education and propaganda cleverly disguised as Education Reform…more controversially known as Common Core!

Illegal Aliens? If only that benign…Actually the future they’ve created for us is more accurately depicted in Ridley Scott’s blockbuster hit Alien! Political Correctness and the watchful eye of droid science officer “Ash” played perfectly by Barack Obama would seem to have identified and conditioned us to be the perfect “Host”!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to Islam Targeting American “Gateway Cities”!

  1. mike says:

    I have to disagree with your statement about O being a sociopath liar. He is not that. He is a definitive, unabridged, socialist with an agenda. He has always said he wants to remake America. His book the dreams of my father, spell it out in black and white. His father was a radical socialist terrorist without any regrets. As for terrorist plots, this is one of their basic plans. Small groups with a little training, young people, automatic weapons, grenades, which will give them a high yield of dead. Mumbai is a good example. Stay alert to that which looks a little strange. That does work, but not perfectly.

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