The Obama-Holder-Sharpton Gang Will Light the Ferguson Fuse…No Matter What!

Nero Calls For His Fiddle!

Nero Calls For His Fiddle!

“Hurting others and destroying others is not the answer… No matter what the grand jury decides, I do not want my son’s death to be in vain. I want it to lead to incredible change, positive change, change that makes the St. Louis region better for everyone… Continue to lift your voices with us and let’s work together to heal — to create lasting change for all people regardless of race. We live here together; this is our home. We are strong here united.” ~ Michael Brown Sr.

I was no English language major, but Mr. Brown’s words seem crystal clear to me! And yet the occupying forces dispatched to Ferguson by Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Al Sharpton are coiled and ready to roll over the Brown family and strike if they don’t get their lynching. It’s hard to pick a single aspect of the Obama Presidency more damaging to America than the rest. Some would cite the economy; others might point to the devastating effect this President’s policies have had on our foreign relations. Personally, I would have to single out Race Relations as the most lethal consequence of the Obama Presidency…he has set America’s race clock back 151 years. And he has done so with foresight, malice and intent!

The damage done by the “depraved lawlessness” of the Obama-Holder-Sharpton Gang is unsurpassed in American History. To see the reality of these executive transgressions in any other possible light, after the Professor Gates arrest, the voter intimidation by the New Black Panthers in Philadelphia, the “obstruction” and outright attempt to manipulate justice in the Zimmerman Trial, and now the goading of outside mercenaries to “Stay the Course” in Ferguson, is to defy the gravity of critical thinking!

The actions of this President and his “gang” for the past six years have NOT been the actions of a leader seeking to strengthen and unite; they are the actions of radical revolutionaries seeking to weaken, divide and deliver the spoils to their central planning Masters of the New World Order. The man who swore an oath to defend the Constitution and faithfully execute our laws has forsaken his oath in order to destroy our National Sovereignty! The Daltons, James Gang and Bonnie & Clyde were American Saints in comparison!

Verdict In, Wilson Cleared, Case Closed?

How many Sanfords and Fergusons need to be set ablaze before America finally realizes who the real arsons are? “We do have work to do here, we shouldn’t paper it over”???

Obama “pleading for calm” is like the Ebola virus pleading for a cure! “They want a race war. They want us fighting each other…citizens against police” said Oath Keeper President Stewart Rhodes during a recent radio interview. The Oath Keepers have been on the ground in Ferguson to support the rights of the peaceful protesters, remind the police officers of their oaths and stand with them and the shopkeepers against the lawless thugs brought in by the Obama-Holder-Sharpton Gang who, as Rhodes points out in his interview, are positively delighted to see the KKK show up.

Until we summon the courage as individual citizens to step out of our comfort zones and hold the true criminals accountable, the mayhem and lawlessness meter will continue to move deeper and deeper into the red zone! Critical Mass is the ultimate objective of the revolutionary outlaws posing as “legitimate leaders”. It is going to take enormous courage at every level to stop them. We will need true patriots to step up in local law enforcement, all branches of the military, and the clergy…we will need more journalists like Sharyl Attkisson to step into the light to report the Truth. And most of all, we will need all of them to know that you and I have their backs!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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4 Responses to The Obama-Holder-Sharpton Gang Will Light the Ferguson Fuse…No Matter What!

  1. Admin says:

    Chip, while what you say is indeed true I must add to it. I watched, like many, the verdict last night. I listened, very carefully, to what the prosecutor said. I listened even more intently to what el presidente said. Then, I watched the ‘self expression’. Let me summarize it all this way. A life has been lost – that is ALWAYS tragic. But, what’s even MORE tragic, imho, is that personal responsibility and accountability has been replaced from the top down with “There are still problems, and communities of color aren’t just making these problems up,” and, “America isn’t everything that it could be” the words from obama. From the top down the division is continued. The ‘positive change’ needed to address the ‘problems’ is not about race or racism or even hatred. It is about a moral compass.
    The questions that should lead all this ‘self expression’ is a)why did this kid think it was okay to steal? b)why did this kid think it was okay to punch an officer in the face and then c)why did he think it was okay to try to take the officer’s gun? The questions are NOT why did the officer have to shoot him (b/c he acted in self defense). Personal responsibility. While o said ‘these communities aren’t making them up’ – that is perhaps wildly true – but what he failed to even acknowledge is that ‘we reap what we sow’ – personal accountability. That’s the problem that needs highlighting. I don’t care where we live – inner city to country nor do I care if we are rich or poor – parents need to get their children under control (they are not your friends they are your children who need direction) – teach them values (do unto others as you would have them do unto you) – instill in them the notion of becoming a ‘model citizen’ (thou shall not steal; do not do drug’s; to not kill etc) – in short – be a parent. Jesus said a tree is known by its fruit – remember that.
    While there are many problems in America – from no jobs to poverty – nothing will earnestly change until we address the moral compass of her inhabitants. As to the people rioting and destroying their own communities I just shake my head and wonder ‘why?’. It’s all so reminiscent of the scene in Goodfellas, where Karen is looking at the search warrant and she tells the viewers of another wife who ‘spits on her own floor’ when the police show up to search her home – it made no sense to Karen in the movie and it makes no sense in real life. You do not ruin or dirty up your own living environment b/c you are unhappy. The most notable thing left to ask here is why are the rioters robbing liquor stores, fast food stores, a cell phone store, and a beauty parlor? What did any of those establishments have to do with this case? Answer – nothing.
    This IS One Nation Under God – Every life IS valuable – but – Every life needs to understand that with each action taken there will be a reaction and that’s why personal accountability and personal responsibility can make or break us. In watching the video of the looted Walgreens store, the irony was beyond scope. We ALL saw that toy drive box – it’s a standing testament that while some employ decency some do not. So, what happens now to the kids that were in true need of those donated gifts I wonder?
    Respect is lost, and its a REAL problem.
    Self Accountability is lost, and its a REAL problem.
    Self Responsibility is lost, and its a REAL problem.
    Morals/Values are lost, and its a REAL problem.
    In closing, I do agree with and support the Brown family’s campaign of ensuring that every police officer working the streets in this country wears a body camera. THAT makes sense and is worthy of our support.

    • Chip Murray says:

      It’s like Americans have all become those people who can’t resist rubber-necking the terrible car crash, not realizing they are the ones lying mangled inside the wreckage. The revolutionaries control everything! Even Brian Kilmeade made a comment this morning legitimizing Obama as a President trying to put out the Ferguson flames…its all staged, I’m afraid…which is why WE need individual courage!

  2. mike says:

    Interesting discussion. 1) M. Brown committed 2 crimes. Stole/ assualted a Police Officer 2) He is now seen on facebook with a wade of cash in his mouth and a 9 mil pistol in his right hand 3) evidence proved he reached into PD car and was going for officer’s gun. Wound to thumb confirms this, plus blood splatter and powder marks. 4) POTUS did not mention PO or his family. I know they are going thru hell also. 5) Shooting was not race based, therefore anyone who yelled that is dead wrong. 6) Making point that PDs should reflect community is BS. 1st responders help ALL! So I just want all the fools, radicals, blind to reality people, POTUS, out going AG Holder to SHUT the _ _ _ _ UP!!! PS: POTUS speech last nite was by far his worst ever. I was disappointed for America. He is just against all of us. Black, white, latinos, asian etc.. We shall overcome!

    • Chip Murray says:

      The only thing transparent about the Obama Administration is Obama himself. He uses the blacks to attack/neutralize the whites, and then he throws the blacks under the bus to charm the Hispanics. We’re not that stupid…are we?

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