Thanksgiving and the “Island of Misfit Toys”

From my Family to Yours!

From Our Family to Yours!

I have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving; it is hard to know where to begin. I am overwhelmed with a deep sense of gratitude and awe for the amazing healthcare professionals who have miraculously helped bang me back into shape; from the doctors, surgeons, nurses and staff to the physical therapists at Horizon Medical and Lennox Hill, where an angel named Beulah refreshed my physical body with sponge baths and my spiritual being with Scriptural antidote every morning. Even the “member services” staff at Empire BC/BS shined!

But there’s something else at work here that I am compelled to share with you. Somewhere around the middle of August, after months of frustrating tests, holistic therapies, cortisone injections and various home-grown “remedies”, I hobbled up to my wife with Bible in hand and said, “I’m turning it over to Him!” From that moment on, I slowly began to replace physical steps with spiritual ones as I opened myself to healing powers of Grace. It was as if I activated a beacon inside my heart that synchronized and bonded with the hearts of every single soul in the healthcare community I described above! The journey of pain and frustration became one of acceptance, patience, learning, wisdom and love.

Now, what I am about to share with you is something I hope you will take to heart and share with your Family, friends and acquaintances…in that order, if I may be so bold. What I have come to realize by the very Grace of God, is that the bodies of societies are no different than the bodies of individuals in the sense that they are every bit as vulnerable to life-threatening viruses and debilitating diseases as their “individual” components are…except they are carried by “ideas” rather than germs. In fact the entire world; our friends and enemies alike are wondering if America can ever recover from her present infection and compromised immune system, as the cells of every vital organ are actually attacking and destroying each other!

Speaking of the infection of ideas, I came across this story yesterday which exposes the virus attacking the very heart of the societal body…the Family. We’ve already witnessed the “Progressive” virus attempt to destroy the sacred union of marriage. We’ve watched it seek to undermine parental authority via social engineering in the public schools through slick schemes with catchy names like Common Core. Now on this day of all days, the #1 Family Day of the Year; Move over Thanksgiving, and make room for “Friendsgiving”!

…as if to say, who needs Family anyway? Who needs a man and a woman to consummate a marriage? Who needs to focus on the future “boy” and “girl” building blocks of a healthy society when we can identify the boys, the girls and “misfit toys” all as “purple penguins” instead? If I were asked to name this particular disease, I would call it the “Nice” Virus. It is exactly the compassionate appeal of this adorable little bug (remember the movie Gremlins?) that makes it so deadly! Imagine this “Progressive” identity charade played at the cellular level within the complex interrelationship of organs in your own body. How would your own immune system identify the good cells from the bad ones? How would the doctors and therapists distinguish normal from abnormal, or what and how to treat anything? In other words, you would die!

So to all my “Progressive” friends who would transform America into an unrecognizable Island of Misfit Toys, financed by us and controlled by them, we have a special message for you this Thanksgiving:

Everyone is welcome here! Everyone has equal opportunity to pursue happiness and expect justice based on respect for our laws and the content of their own character. Period!

PS ~ We reserve the right not to serve Purple Penguins here! Boys will be boys, girls will be girls! Man and Man, Woman and Woman will never be Husband and Wife! And Friends, the most welcome of all, will never be Family! If this is in anyway unacceptable to you, you are welcome to find your own island and build your own society! 🙂

And most especially of all on this Thanksgiving Day, I thank God for the internal compass that comes standard in each of our hearts to guide us through the darkest days, the deadliest storms and the longest and loneliest nights. I thank God for the wisdom to discern true compassion from the “compassionate” thief who would lure me to a false north, and my own disgrace. And I pray that each and every “individual” American finds the empowering light of Truth within to reject falsehood and stand up to the issuers of the destructive and demoralizing narrative! God Bless America! 🙂

“The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”

— William Faulkner


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