Support Your Local Sheriff Because…

…he is the only member of the law enforcement community elected by you to defend and protect your Constitutional Rights against those intent on abusing and destroying them. There is no higher law enforcement authority in the land. And “there has never been a case where a County Sheriff has stood up against the Federal Government violating its own Constitutional authority and lost” according to Sheriff Mack, President of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association!

The Constitutional Sheriff

The Constitutional Sheriff

The best thing about Constitutional Rights is that they apply equally to all American Citizens. The worst thing about Constitutional Rights is that they aren’t of much use without the awareness and appreciation of those same citizens. In other words every American Citizen has a sacred duty to learn and understand these rights as the ultimate law of the land and the best protection they have from those who would violate them. Unfortunately, as with most things, there are good sheriffs…and there are some pretty bad sheriffs out there. As Sheriff Mack points out in the YouTube below, Sheriff Gillespie of Clark County Nevada did not stand up to the BLM when they attempted to drive Cliven Bundy off his ranch because he said he “lacked the authority to do so.” To be polite, he was either constitutionally-unaware or he lied. Personally, I have a problem with someone who doesn’t understand his authority to fulfill his oath to and for what I’m paying him to protect! Clearly Sheriff Gillespie is NOT a “Constitutional Sheriff”!

Most of us are painfully aware of the abuse of power and contempt for rule of law exhibited by our federal government on a daily basis. Here in New York, it’s as if our Governor is competing with the President and Attorney General for the title of Most Corrupt and Constitutionally Offensive! The NY SAFE Act is a clear-cut violation of both State & Federal Constitutions.

Here’s some of what a retired NYPD officer whom I know as “G” has to say on the matter…

My father fought in the 1956 Hungarian uprising against communism, which is why my family is in America. I have a strong understanding of what the US Constitution ….REALLY stand for because of what my father did in 1956………..I am distressed, dismayed and APPALLED……at how America/Constitution has been taken over by SUBVERSIVES in the government and how some Americans “don’t get/don’t see” what these subversives are doing to their society!!!!

The Freedom Fighters in 1956 WERE aided by the Hungarian military.  My father DROVE trucks with supplies and armaments out of the Budapest Armory with the blessings and the aid of Hungarian soldiers!!!!!!!!!!!!  As a result the freedom fighter DROVE the Russians out of Budapest!!!! That is HUGE!!…sad to say the Russians came back two weeks later with a huge contingency of tanks and armaments; the Freedom fighters were no match and were squashed, scattering to the four corners of the earth.

My message today is:   FREEDOM IS UP TO THE “Uniforms.” They are the only ones that can boot out these “tyrannical creatures” who have invaded our institutions and HAVE replaced our CONSTITUTIONAL/Republic Government with a hybrid of Plutocrat Marxists.  They are the ones either standing in the way or or supplying the freedom fighters. FREEDOM or TYRANNY IS UP TO THEM AND WHAT THEY DO.

So while many of the NY Sheriffs are standing up with Sheriff Mack to make their positions with respect to unconstitutional laws crystal clear, others are deferring to the courts. Please listen to what the head of NY Oath Keepers, John Wallace has to say about that at 10 minutes into this video.

And to make matters worse, there are some sheriffs who are actually supporting giving government unprecedented 4th Amendment-violating seizure power through new “Asset Forfeiture Laws”…because some Liberal judge says no big deal? How in the world does the sheriff who supports this now turn around and question the SAFE Act??

“G” is 100% correct about the “uniforms” and the “tyrannical creatures”! You and I need to get to know the “uniforms”. We need to support our sheriffs. But above all, we need to know the ultimate law of the land…and whether our sheriffs are “Constitutional Sheriffs” or “Gillespie Sheriffs”!

***YOUTUBE– NATIONAL PRESS CLUB, WASHINGTON, D.C.– Sheriff Mack, founder and president of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, thanks the speakers at today’s press conference and asserts that sheriffs who keep their oath to the U.S. Constitution always defeat federal incursions. 9/17/14

Mack spent eleven years with the police department of Provo, Utah, and then moved back to Arizona to run for Graham County Sheriff in 1988. While serving as sheriff, he attended the FBI National Academy and graduated in 1992. In 1994, he was named Elected Official of the Year by the Arizona-New Mexico Coalition of Counties. He was also named the National Rifle Association Law Enforcement Officer of the Year for 1994, and was inducted into the NRA Hall of Fame.

During his tenure as sheriff, Mack received national attention for initiating Mack v. United States (later restyled to Printz v. United States), a lawsuit against the federal government which alleged that portions of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act violated the United States Constitution, because they comprised a congressional action that compelled state officers to execute Federal law. In a 5–4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that the provisions of the Brady Act in question were, in fact, unconstitutional.


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3 Responses to Support Your Local Sheriff Because…

  1. erick says:

    Great piece Chip. When I was in Zambia on a mission trip with my daughter and I witnessed Christians who actually read and applied the Bible. Something that used to happen here, but has been sadly been largely neglected.
    Similarly, Americans have lost, (through the secular humanist public indoctrination system and neglect of their parents) an understanding that our INALIENABLE rights do not come from government, but God. And that WE THE PEOPLE only grant to government the authority to make laws that acknowledge that truth.
    Sadly the Office, (not department) of Sheriff has been reduced in authority as in the state of Delaware where he is not even an L.E.O. (Law Enforcement Officer.) And by some who take the badge without understanding what it entails. We must remain diligent in keeping the right men in office and preventing the “progressive” statists from reducing the Sheriff’s authority and autonomy.
    P.S. can you stop the snow, it’s distracting.

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