Proving the Barnhardt Axiom ~ Now You See It; Soon You Won’t!

...At Our Expense!

…At Our Expense!

The fact that a given person is holding or even seeking high-level public office is, in and of itself, proof that said person is morally and/or psychologically UNFIT to hold public office. ~ The Barnhardt Axiom

I shudder to think how many hard-earned dollars have flowed from wishful-thinking fools into the clutches of Reince Priebus, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and their respective Republican and Democratic Dream Machines over the past six years! How many diseases might have been cured…how many businesses and jobs created? Instead, it flowed to the political equivalent of hard-core alcoholics, drug addicts and wife-beaters!

We’ve heard words like shocking and stunning to describe Boehner’s monumental “Cromnibus” Betrayal in direct defiance of the most resoundingly crystal-clear Mid-Term electoral marching orders ever issued to the “Representatives of the People” by the people they were supposed to represent!

So here’s my fantasy, as it relates to this shocking and stunning turn of events. First I should reassure you that you’re not on the hook for my fantasy. I would never expect or demand that anyone subsidize, underwrite or pay for my fantasy. I would develop it with my own sweat and blood at my expense, seek private investors (circle of friends) who see the merit, and then take it public to test the wings…but I digress.

My fantasy is that Boehner’s  slap to the face of the American People might be the smelling salts America needs to snap out of her slumbering stupor. All it takes to subscribe to my fantasy is the belief that not all people on the Left are Communists, and not all people on the Right are Fascists. In fact, most of the people on the Left want the same things for themselves, their families, their communities, their country and the world as those on the Right! So what’s the problem?

The problem is that too many of us on the Left have allowed our sense of collective compassion to get ahead of our own individual accountability and critical thinking, while too many of us on the Right have traded the courage of our convictions for the winning ticket! We have always been the sum total of who we are, not what we’re manipulated, herded and deceived into becoming! Follow the money…how did Warren embarrass Obama?

The very first question our conscious mind should ask in the wake of these smelling salts is this: Who has been selling us the “collective compassion” and the “winning ticket”? This is where it gets tough dear friend. This is where the rubber meets the road as they say. Because the only answer to this question happens to be the flip side of the Barnhardt Axiom Coin…

Starve the Beast by Cutting the Cable and Declaring a Tax Strike!

Because they fully intend to starve us into submission! 😦

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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