The Sony Baloney Mugging of America!

"We cannot have a society where some dictator someplace can impose censorship here in the U.S." ~ El Presidente de Hubris

“We cannot have a society where some dictator someplace can impose censorship here in the U.S.” ~ El Presidente de Hubris

You and I are the customers of Sony Pictures. There would be no Sony Pictures without us. And yet Sony Pictures Chairman Amy Pascal did not apologize to you or me. She didn’t apologize to the shareholders. She apologized to Al Sharpton!

Elijah Cummings didn’t “Savage Gruber” for his part in conning the American People into buying the Obamacare lie. He savaged him for making the Democrats look bad!  Was Diane Feinstein’s motivation to attack our own CIA, putting intelligence community patriots at risk around the world, based on their transgressions in the act of protecting America in the wake of 9/11…or their surveillance of her own office?

What just happened? The American People yelled STOP on November 4th, and they seem to have responded by putting the petal to the metal! He says HE is in the 4th quarter…HE is not done. What about US?

Does it really matter which party controls congress in the 4th quarter if it’s anything at all like the first three? We have made it clear to the world that we no longer stand for anything…if we lead at all, it’s “from behind”. We throw friends, people of character and virtue, Christians, allies, our military, our police and our own intelligence community under the bus…while we cozy up to theocrats, despots, fossilized communist dictators and surrender our remote control and freedom of speech and expression to some rogue state insane psychopathic miscreant!

I don’t know whether to describe the first 3 quarters as the Great American Mugging, or the Great American Bank Robbery…because you and me got our butts kicked, our clocks cleaned, and our pockets picked…like there’s no tomorrow! Are these people governing US or robbing US blind?  What have they done to our Markets? What have they done with the Gold?

By the time we wake up, I’m wondering what in the world we will have left to wake up to. We swallowed one hell of a bad clam and the entire world is retching for it!

“We cannot have a society where some dictator someplace can impose censorship here in the U.S.” ~ El Presidente de Hubris


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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3 Responses to The Sony Baloney Mugging of America!

  1. Chip Murray says:

    PS ~ There’s only one dictator any self-respecting man would ever dream of surrendering the remote to, and that’s the one he married! 🙂

  2. Let me ask you just one question, my dear sweet friend Paul – if the North Koreans made a movie about assassinating Barack Obama and called it a comedy (ha ha. I’m already laughing my head off!), tell me how you would react to that. Don’t tell me that it wouldn’t inspire outrage because of the possibility of crazy people, of which there are zillions, putting that idea in their head and potentially acting on it. I think that we would be infuriated if the shoe were on the other foot… Free speech does not extend to shouting fire in a crowded theater. I don’t think it should extend to making movies about assassinating real life leaders using their real name and characters who look like them, even if it is a comedy. It was in very bad taste and a dangerous idea… Feel free to argue back as I know you will unless you don’t have enough time. Much love to you and Jodi for a fabulous Christmas. xoxo Sig

  3. Chip Murray says:

    Dear Siggy…you are equating Seth Brogan in a satirical spoof with shouting fire in a crowded theater? Do you seriously not understand how ridiculous the scenario you just presented is? And just how would satirical expression evolve in the sterile NK atmosphere where free thought is outlawed? “Bad taste and a dangerous idea”??? So who becomes the bad taste and dangerous idea police in your polite and pristine world Sig? Merry Christmas to you and Muriel!!

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