The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ December 21, 2014

Delivering us TO Evil!

Delivering us TO Evil!

Pope Francis’ perspective on the Cuban embargo is nothing new to the Vatican. His active involvement in negotiations, however, is. And given his rhetorical differences with his predecessors on the evils of communism, that activism should cause nervousness among more traditional Catholics in the mold of John Paul II and Benedict. ~ Ben Shapiro, Breitbart News

Every single day, twice a day, I say the following words on my knees with my hands together in prayer: “but deliver us from evil” as part of The Lord’s Prayer we Catholics and Christians were all taught to pray.

What do the lives of Wenjian Liu, Rafael Ramos, Wade Gray and “The Boys of Pointe du Hoc” all have in common? Liu and Ramos were the two New York City Police Officers executed on the streets of Manhattan yesterday. Gray was a US Airman killed during the Bay of Pigs. And The Boys of Pointe du Hoc, most of them teenagers, were the 225 Army Rangers who scaled vertical cliffs on D-Day directly into the fire of the 50 caliber machine guns that ripped 135 of them apart…inspiring these words from President Reagan’s famous tribute; Gentlemen, I look at you and I think of the words of Stephen Spender’s poem. You are men who in your “lives fought for life . . . and left the vivid air signed with your honor.”

Is it possible to find two human beings who did more in tandem to fight for and protect “life and honor” for the 21st Century than President Reagan and Pope John Paul II? Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend!

Obama & Francis Are Delivering Us TO Evil!

If the 20th Century headline “Life and Honor” belongs to Reagan and Paul II, then the fledgling 21st Century headline “Communists Win Big Twice in One Day” has to go to Obama and Francis. Perhaps the next generation will look back on the 21st Century as the century of “New Normals”? The restoration of “diplomatic relations” between the United States and Cuba has been referred to as “normalized” relations. Ben Shapiro chose the word “manipulation” to describe the Pope’s intervention…which would seem to rule out any thought of it being a “Divine” intervention! Where in the world do you suppose all of these new normals are coming from anyway?

There are some saying that President Obama, Mayor de Blasio and Al Sharpton all have the blood of officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos on their hands for inciting the “Death to the Cops” demands that were accommodated by the forces of Evil yesterday. I would agree and add that their deaths are the direct result of a full retreat from the “Life & Honor” legacy of Reagan and Paul II to the new-normal world doctrine of “Capitulation & Appeasement” a la Obama and Francis. The Ends Justify the Means has just married Church & State in a new alliance of un-holy matrimony! Only Evil is capable of such dark nuptials! Welcome to the 21st Century Dear Friend. Know who you serve…

Find the Communist:

  • The Church in Cuba has always proclaimed Jesus Christ, even if at times she has had a scarcity of priests and has had to do so in difficult circumstances. I wish to express my admiration for so many of the Cuban faithful for their fidelity to Christ, to the Church and to the Pope, as also for the respect they have shown for the more genuine religious traditions learned from their elders, and for the courage and persevering spirit of commitment demonstrated in the midst of their sufferings and ardent hopes.~ Pope John Paul II 1998
  • The truth is a desire of the human person, the search for which always supposes the exercise of authentic freedom… [some] wrongly interpret this search for the truth, leading them to irrationality and fanaticism; they close themselves in ‘their truth,’ and try to impose it on others.           ~ Pope Benedict 2012
  • Economic progress could be achieved through “the legitimate redistribution of economic benefits by the state, as well as indispensable cooperation between the private sector and civil society.” and Inequality is the root of social evil. ~ Pope Francis 2013


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8 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ December 21, 2014

  1. erick says:

    Wow! That last quote explains a lot. Nowhere in the Holy Scriptures do I see Our Lord distinguishing different “evil.” And since when is the private sector not part of “civil society.” To be sure men who pursue money with out the fear of God have done evil. But worse, men who pursue power over other men without the fear of God have done far worse, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, to name a few. Establishing “normal relations” with atheistic, dictatorial governments that treat their people as animals to be herded and controlled is no way to improve conditions for humanity. It has not worked in China. It will not work in Cuba or North Korea or Iran. I pray my Catholic brethren will see through this ill reasoning or deception.
    If it would not contribute to the collapse of our country, as the leftists desire, I would encourage all non Black Police Officers to stop confronting Black suspects. That might change some minds.

  2. Martin Burnett says:

    Waiting for the schism as we speak. This guy scares me. I sure would like to know the back story on Benedict’s retirement. I’m not sure this was a set up.


  3. Martin Burnett says:

    I meant not sure that it wasn’t a set up


  4. Chip Murray says:

    I’m with you Marty! When the message of your leadership encourages your enemies and demoralizes the faithful patriot…somethings seriously amiss. Sadly, I am describing both head of the Catholic Church and “so-called” leader of the free world.

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  6. W.B. says:

    Aside from his Cuba shenanigans, Pope Francis’ blind adherence to the “climate change” hoax and dogma isn’t just a matter of his leftist ideology. It also makes him a direct throwback to the hierarchy of the Catholic Church of the Middle Ages and the time of the Inquisition, where they held beliefs of the type that the earth was flat and that all planets, including the sun, revolved around it – and went after Galileo like the proverbial ton of bricks (culminating in his being sentenced to a life of house arrest) for his proclamation that the earth revolved around the sun. The bought-and-paid-for hack “scientists” love to claim that they’re heirs to Galileo’s legacy, but in terms of their unquestioned obedience to this scam plus their fascistic intolerance of any dissent (think Francis’ exclusion of climate change skeptics from a Vatican meeting), they have far more in common with Galileo’s persecutors. Had Al Gore lived in Galileo’s time, he would have cheered the Church for their actions against this “blasphemer.” Just substitute “heretic” or “non-believer” for “denier” and you’ll see which world today’s warped minds live in. Actual pursuit of knowledge today is at its absolute lowest since before the Renaissance. And people wonder why our young rank at or near dead last in many areas (i.e. math, reading, cognitive skills) behind other countries including those of the ex-Soviet bloc.

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