Freedom Calling! Can You Pass the Self-Loathing Quiz?



It is clear by the language being used by the political elite that the “global summit” called in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks is about far more than radical Islamic terrorism. Set aside the fact that our government essentially created ISIS in order to destabilize Syria. Set aside the fact that globalist middlemen like John McCain and “former” covert ops goons like Gen. Paul Vallely have met directly with groups like the Nusra Front that are providing support for ISIS. Set aside the fact that Saudi Arabia has been openly funneling cash and arms to Syrian terrorist factions tied to ISIS, and realize that the mere existence of ISIS, regardless of its origins, is being used as a rationale for the erasure of civil liberties and the establishment of martial law on both sides of the Atlantic. Such federalized reactions CANNOT be allowed to continue, regardless of the threats each nation faces.  ~ Brandon Smith *

I can tell you, because I’ve moved so many times in my childhood, that being uprooted from your home, your neighborhood, your school and your friends is tough enough when it happens as a result of a parent’s career move. But today thousands if not millions of children and families in our world are being forced to undergo this traumatic experience out of fear for their lives! They’ve been forced to “pack their bags” in France; they can feel it coming in the UK; and they know it’s only a matter of time here in the U.S. as well! And these are the lucky ones…in Nigeria, not so lucky. In Europe you’re uprooted…in Nigeria, you’re dead!

The Muslim population in the U.S. is estimated to be around 7 million. That is 2.2% of our entire population compared to their numbers at just under 10% of the population of France! The problem here in the U.S. is that not only have we failed to learn from Europe’s colossal “multiculturalism” failure; our “political leaders” are hell-bent on applying the exact same disastrous recipe  here!

So for some of us watching all of these events unfold in the context of a world where out-of-control government spending seems to be competing with out-of-control Muslim killing, we are left to wonder what kind of people allow these things to happen. The answer, invariably, is that only “self-loathing” people are capable of such wanton self-destruction! People who truly love themselves, their families, friends, neighbors and communities could not possibly allow it! You see, people who truly love may love their children unconditionally, but all else is conditional. I love the Muslim who seeks to legally immigrate to America in order to “assimilate”, contribute to American Society and enjoy the resulting opportunities that exist for them and their families when they do! I reject with all my heart and soul those who do not!

What I have just written is so knee-slappingly simple, a 1st grader could stand before the fools in Congress and explain it to them! And yet…they seem to have something else in mind. What could tempt the political mind to make it want to take the long and the wrong way around simple to reach disaster? Hmm??

Freedom’s calling! All of this suffering finally forced me to realize we need to separate self-respecting Americans from the self-loathing ones. So if you’d be kind enough to indulge and pass along…

The Common Sense Lovers’ Self-Loathing Quiz:

  1. Do you support “Political Correctness”?
  2. Did you vote for Barack Obama twice?
  3. Do you believe Barack Obama is a Christian?
  4. Do you believe Islam is a “Religion of Peace”?
  5. Do you believe “Free Speech” allows us to slander Jesus but not Muhammad?
  6. Do you believe a Muslim with “ties to terror” should be allowed to hold any position at all in U.S. government, let alone THE HOUSE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE as Pelosi is recommending for Rep. Andre Carson (D)?
  7. A) Do you believe the Federal Government exists to protect your freedom or provide you services?

B)  If you said both, but had to choose one…which would it  be?                                                                                                                                                            8. Do you believe the NY SAFE Act has anything to do with “safety”?

9. Do you believe the Affordable Care Act has anything to do with “affordability”?

10. Do you believe everyone should be required to provide proof of citizenship to vote?


1-No, 2-No, 3-No, 4-No, 5-No, 6-No, 7A-Freedom or Both, 7B- Freedom, 8-No 9-No, 10-Yes

Unless you scored a perfect 100% consider yourself afflicted by chronic self-loathing. We advise you to seek counseling** for the sake of you, your family, and your American Heritage! It is well documented that self-loathing stems from having experienced abuse of one form or another in the course of one’s life. The self-loathers in our society are most often adults who have replaced the abusive power figures of their childhood with the abusive power figures in their government!

The Shutupnsing Republic Reconstruction Plan:

  • Those who pass the quiz are qualified to lead.
  • Self-loathers must follow or get out of the way.
  • Self-loathers will be assessed the major portion of reconstruction expense.
  • Self-loathers who receive counseling will be exempt commensurate to their “productivity” in the reconstruction.

Warning ~ Self-Loathing people are a favorite target to the Savage Mind! 

* Brandon Smith is, to the best of my knowledge, an unrepentant anti-Semite. As such, I am unable to support his blog. But I also feel obliged to provide my readers with the best content I can find, as it pertains to their freedom and liberty. So please read with a grain of kosher salt…and thanks for your understanding.

** Counseling alone may not be enough if you failed the quiz and happen to be Jewish as well!

Note– There are those among us who scored a perfect 100%, are not self-loathers, and yet have done nothing in the past 6 years to speak out or stand up, knowingly choosing to capitalize on misdeeds and perpetuate evil through their silence. Your job in the reconstruction will be both easiest and toughest of all. You will only have to live with yourselves!



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2 Responses to Freedom Calling! Can You Pass the Self-Loathing Quiz?

  1. mike says:

    Good quiz, although it was an easy one for anyone with common sense. Americans seem to be being lead down a path of dumbness by so much and so little info. Many TV stations tell us what they want us to know, not what actually happened. That is a priority that must be changed. Their job used to be reporting the news, not tilting it in any direction. As a MEP, I am able to see many realities that other people do not see. The cold reality is what it is. Islam, while being less then a forgiving a religion, is based on dominance. Not all Germans were Nazis. But the Nazis were so brutal that those who were not in favor of them could do little or nothing lest they faced death to them and their family. The same exists today with Islam. This is just the way it is. If you disagree with this, as is your right under a free and liberty loving government, you are dead wrong. God will save us at some point, but much like other historical situations, we will pay a very high price. Our kids and grandkids should not be left with this task. Churchill said we should leave this world better then we found it. Do you think we are doing this?

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