Could Duke’s “Muslim Call to Prayer” Be America’s “Call to Awaken”?

The Muslim Call to Prayer~ "There is no God but Allah!"

The Muslim Call to Prayer~ “There is no God but Allah!”

Of all the disturbing sound bites that hit my ears this past week, the decision by Duke University to bellow the Muslim Call to Prayer (Music to Obama’s ears) from their (Christian) chapel bell tower struck a decibel level so disturbing, it muted all the rest! I thought, how in the world does a sane mind rationalize the welcoming of Islam while barring all other religions from our schools?

In this same week Presidential-hopeful Dr. Ben Carson compared the ready-to-die conviction of Islamic Jihadists to the early American Patriots who defeated the most powerful empire in the world…and have since morphed into a divided public paralyzed by Political Correctness! This set off a cavalcade of recent and related events-recall that should stand anyone’s hair on end!

The Ground Zero Mosque controversy is what first opened my eyes to the brash tactics of an ideology willing to roll over the raw and painful emotions of the 9/11 families and the memories of the fallen. From that moment on the “Religion of Peace” narrative began to lose its luster…

Although the week ended on a “positive note”, it must be a note that finally resonates and reverberates deep into the heart and soul of every freedom-loving American! Never underestimate the number of Americans who have absolutely no awareness of the vulnerability of these freedoms, and no perception of threats against them! The ending “positive note” was shattered for me when your typical good college kid chastised me for condemning “Sharia No-Go-Zones” here in America. “What gives you the right?” he asked…comparing them to (are you ready?) embassies! 😦

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5 Responses to Could Duke’s “Muslim Call to Prayer” Be America’s “Call to Awaken”?

  1. Paul Laux says:

    Hello, Chipo!
    Well, well, well……… Duke and the college kid. Want to comment but just can’t do it. Haven’t figured out a way to do so without excessive use of profanity.

    • Chip Murray says:

      Yes…we should develop our own special language for such times when the need to gusher profanity is more than the average man can bear…perhaps a new virulent form of Pig Latin would be just the thing.

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  3. Kim says:

    I must stop being shocked by the ignorance of (a large amount) of college students but it still baffles my mind to hear such drivel culminating in their brains and spewing from their mouths. I didn’t have the privilege to attend college but I thank G-d that I have the common sense that my momma instilled in me to navigate through this ever-changing, mixed up world of ours! And DITTO to Paul’s remarks and your reply!!!

  4. Mike says:

    I do not know what the student’s comment was. Many in school have lofty ideas of the world. Lack of experience and common sense does permeate college campuses today. By stating the American way of freedom it is certainly understandable. Their ignorance to the realities of Islam and its radicals is somewhat confusing given all the acts of murder and terror they show daily. Perhaps this head in the sand mentality is something time will heal. Allow me to speak to those who think that people such as myself are just chicken little thinkers. The sky will fall if we don’t see Islam for what it is. A cult of hatred to all but themselves. In Egypt girls are mutilated so as not to enjoy sex. Women are stoned to death if accused, not convicted of, adultery. Men rule, women are crap. No other religion may show their individual symbols in public. Rape by men is not a crime, only the women pay a price. Be-headings are common place for Islamic run governments. Murder is accepted for those who say anything Muslims do not like about their prophet. Jesus never said anything like that, did he? So, I can go on and on, but you get the point. I have 1st hand knowledge and experience of their evil, I doubt you do. At work I study this evil among us. I try to love as Jesus loved, but my human shortcomings do not allow me to be more God like. We must stop them NOW. We cannot be like Europe before WW 2. The results might not work out as well. Well I hope this helps a little… So wake up before it’s to late!

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