The Question of Resistance

When Enough is Enough!

When Enough is Enough!

Re-sis-tance  ~ : refusal to accept something new or different…

: effort made to stop or to fight against someone or something…

: the ability to prevent something from having an effect.

~ Merriam-Webster

What do we tell our children as we watch the second most powerful man in New York perp-walked this week, just two years after his corrupt counterpart in the Senate swindled his way out of office and into jail…only months after the governor pulled the plug on his own corruption-sniffing Moreland Commission…for doing its job a little too well.  How do we explain the handcuffed “Shelly” Silver on top of countless scandals in Washington from the IRS to Fast & Furious and Benghazi? Why not tell them the truth? The very power structure of our own governments…those who set and enforce the rules the citizen class are required to follow, are morally- vacant scoundrels!

Worse than that I’m afraid, they are connected to a global web of scoundrels. There is very little difference between Shelly Silver, Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, George Soros and the billionaire Jeff Greene who left his $195 million dollar digs to fly to the Scoundrel Conference in Davos in his private jet, with his wife and kids and two nannies…and then lecture the “ordinary folk” on our need to live more modestly, “so we have less things, and a smaller better existence.”

When to Resist

How long does anybody’s kid allow the schoolyard bully to take his lunch? Every single one of us who have ever been bullied knows that at some point fighting back, even if it means taking a beating, is far better than losing your human dignity and self-respect. The fascinating thing I find in our society with all of us more connected to each other than any other time in history, is how the “at some point” is a different point at a different time for different reasons for each of us. My point was Saturday September 12, 2009 on the Mall in Washington, D.C. For U.S. Border Agent Brian Terry’s Mom and Dad, it was probably December 14, 2010. For Navy Seals Ty Wood’s Dad, it was September 11, 2012. And for my friend Dave, I’m guessing his some point came after Jon Corzine literally took his lunch at MF Global along with $1.2 Billion of other “ordinary folk” lunches. I know that was Ann Barnhardt’s some point as well. The some point comes when it comes, but history tells us that sooner is far better than later!

How to Resist

God gave every single one of us a gift, something unique, a special thing we do better than anyone. Trey Gowdy was born to orate!  For Beth Dimino, it was teaching. And now she’s using her gift to teach her kids, their parents and her peers about the Scoundrels behind the Common Core Curtain! And she is not alone. There’s a thousand ways to resist…ask the French! Employ the method that best suits your style and circumstance. Sometimes the most subtle expressions can have the greatest impact. Canceling your cable subscription and declaring a tax strike are very effective means of resistance, but are far from the only means. Perhaps the most important truth about resistance is that it must be applied locally for it to have any effect at all. If you yell and scream at Obama through your TV screen but do nothing locally to challenge the norm, then you are not resisting…you are merely whining.

The last thing I would tell you about resistance is to be prepared for the consequence of your resistance. You need to be prepared to make friends you didn’t know and lose friends you thought you had. You might even find yourself subject to a tax audit! In essence, what I’m saying is that you need to be strong and self-assured. Because as sure as day turns into night, you will become a target! You will need to establish a community of people, a network you can trust, and never underestimate the Scoundrel’s obsession with control…

Oh, I almost forgot the absolute most important thing of all! You must know in your deepest heart what is at stake before you start…

“There is no man, let him be aware of it or not, who is not a combatant in this hot contest; no one who does not take an active part in the responsibility of the defeat or victory. The prisoner in his chains and the king on his throne, the poor and the rich, the healthy and the infirm, the wise and the ignorant, the captive and the free, the old man and the child, the civilized and the savage, share equally in the combat. Every word that is pronounced, is either inspired by God or by the world, and necessarily proclaims, implicitly or explicitly, but always clearly, the glory of the one or the triumph of the other. In this singular warfare we all fight through forced enlistment; here the system of substitutes or volunteers finds no place. In it is unknown the exception of sex or age; here no attention is paid to him who says, I am the son of a poor widow; nor to the mother of the paralytic, nor to the wife of the cripple. In this warfare all men born of woman are soldiers.

And don’t tell me you don’t wish to fight; for the moment you tell me that, you are already fighting; nor that you don’t know which side to join, for while you are saying that, you have already joined a side; nor that you wish to remain neutral; for while you are thinking to be so, you are so no longer; nor that you want to be indifferent; for I will laugh at you, because on pronouncing that word you have chosen your party. Don’t tire yourself in seeking a place of security against the chances of war, for you tire yourself in vain; that war is extended as far as space, and prolonged through all time. In eternity alone, the country of the just, can you find rest, because there alone there is no combat. But do not imagine, however, that the gates of eternity shall be opened for you, unless you first show the wounds you bear; those gates are only opened for those who gloriously fought here the battles of the Lord, and were, like the Lord, crucified.”​  —Juan Donoso Cortes via Ann Barnhardt 🙂


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