The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ January 25, 2015

The Thread of Faith

The Thread of Faith

“Going back to the nature of resistance, resistance is victory. That is a statement that the Gray State does a very good job of describing…even though you may be killed resisting, the act of resistance on a metaphysical level has value…” ~ David Crowley 

“Resistance is victory.” Truer words were never spoken. The enemy is defeated and simply doesn’t know it yet. The one battlefield that matters most is the one Cortes describes with exquisite perfection. So bursting with light are his words I have put them up here twice now in as many days. What I loathe most about “Political Correctness” is what it has done to the spirit of resistance. Yesterday, we looked at the physical, tangible and see-able resistance. Today we will lift the hood and get into the engine that makes it all run to see if we can connect with the “metaphysical value” freedom-fighter David Crowley was referring to. Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend!

The Spirit of Resistance

There is a beautiful and invincible thread that passes through the ages connecting the hearts of men and women who receive it. It is the same thread that turned farmers into the kind of men who stood up to tyranny and defeated an empire. And from them it passed on and on with sacred glean to reach the heart of Zamperini in the middle of an ocean, and to Kyle as he sat in the church pew with his family…right on and into the heart of David Crowley.

Notably, the shepherds most responsible for the keeping of the thread, have themselves lost their way. They have weakened in time and by degree through the generations…leaving us a nation of fattened sheep more concerned, as someone recently put it, with deflated balls than their own deflating freedom! The church pulpit used to be the heart of resistance, where men received the nourishment that would sustain them through the hell of war. Now it has come under the thumb of State to lull the mind as an anaesthetist into the greater hell of submission.

This is why I love Ann Barnhardt as I do. She shocks the senses awake. Her words throw open the doors of the tabernacle to challenge the demons in their tracks, while observing unflinching reverence to our Lord and the sanctity of the chamber. And that which would dare to attempt to marginalize her, is the very same darkness that conspired to turn the priest’s back on God at Vatican ll… and we have only fallen lower ever since! Why, the way Christians are treated…and allow themselves to be treated nowadays, one would think we were the ones flying commercial airlines into skyscrapers and lopping off heads by the thousands! How can this be so?

All these unchallenged realities and horrors because the scoundrels plundering the physical world as we covered yesterday, have their counterparts reeking far greater havoc in the spiritual world…abandoning their flocks, their posts and their Lord to play political chess with the Devil!

Know this dear friend; the most powerful scoundrel of them all can never pierce the veil of Truth that resides in my heart as a Catholic through the Grace of the Eucharist. They can only weaken the heart of men who have not received the thread. If you haven’t yet received, do so now and bind yourself with it as a Knight receives his mesh. It is simple truth. The discipline of faith to strengthen the spirit is no different than the discipline of the physical work-out to strengthen the body. The choice has always been our own…to keep the thread and pass well-worn unto the hearts of a new generation, or let it fray from our own neglect and die with us here. Not on my watch, dear friend.

“There is no man, let him be aware of it or not, who is not a combatant in this hot contest; no one who does not take an active part in the responsibility of the defeat or victory. The prisoner in his chains and the king on his throne, the poor and the rich, the healthy and the infirm, the wise and the ignorant, the captive and the free, the old man and the child, the civilized and the savage, share equally in the combat. Every word that is pronounced, is either inspired by God or by the world, and necessarily proclaims, implicitly or explicitly, but always clearly, the glory of the one or the triumph of the other. In this singular warfare we all fight through forced enlistment; here the system of substitutes or volunteers finds no place. In it is unknown the exception of sex or age; here no attention is paid to him who says, I am the son of a poor widow; nor to the mother of the paralytic, nor to the wife of the cripple. In this warfare all men born of woman are soldiers.

And don’t tell me you don’t wish to fight; for the moment you tell me that, you are already fighting; nor that you don’t know which side to join, for while you are saying that, you have already joined a side; nor that you wish to remain neutral; for while you are thinking to be so, you are so no longer; nor that you want to be indifferent; for I will laugh at you, because on pronouncing that word you have chosen your party. Don’t tire yourself in seeking a place of security against the chances of war, for you tire yourself in vain; that war is extended as far as space, and prolonged through all time. In eternity alone, the country of the just, can you find rest, because there alone there is no combat. But do not imagine, however, that the gates of eternity shall be opened for you, unless you first show the wounds you bear; those gates are only opened for those who gloriously fought here the battles of the Lord, and were, like the Lord, crucified.”​  — Juan Donoso Cortes via Ann Barnhardt 🙂

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1 Response to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ January 25, 2015

  1. Mike says:

    Yes, as a Roman Catholic I am appalled by the actions and words against a religion which preaches Peace among men. We seem to be the whipping post in the religious world. I am not complaining, Christians have suffered under death and hatred before, so we will survive. Our church leaders need to be more realistic and deal with the Islamic problem. They are also very quite recently on moral crisis in America. When the President or Congress refuse to act on limits on abortion, by that I mean late term, they show their disregard for life. One my say well this is a religious issue. It is not. Killing a baby who is one week, for example, away from birth is murder. Our leaders don’t have the balls to say so. Or they are just morally disgusting. Perhaps one of their family members should do it and then, maybe they may feel different. Don’t know. But my question is this, where is this country’s moral compass. ISIS has theirs, we need one too. Ours will be the total destruction of their evil. I like it. How about you?

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