America’s Fall from Rule of Law to Trial by Media

Welcome to "The Promised Land"!

Welcome to “The Promised Land”!

“What’s even more dangerous is the fact that, today, government, politicians, and big corporations might as well be one and the same. Their self-interests are inextricably intertwined.” ~ Sharyl Attkisson, “Stonewalled”

There’s an interesting part of the story at the end of Laura Hillenbrand’s bestseller “Unbroken” where the war has ended and the prisoners of war are released by their Japanese, German and American captors. They are able to compare notes of their experience. The Japanese and German POW’s were treated the most humanely of all. The American POW’s held by the Japanese were lucky to have survived at all…many did not, even after their release.

This is the heart of what I call the “lost narrative”. It reveals who we are as a nation…as a people; Fair, humane and just! Not exactly the narrative promoted and echoed in the ivy corridors of academia these days, no sir! No, in fact, if you or your child has suffered the misfortune of being a student in professors Ward Churchill’s, Bill Ayers’, or any of their professorial peers’ classes, you are now feeling resentment, anger and shame for the America you’ve been taught to know…unfair, inhumane and unjust.

Two generations was all it took to cultivate the receptiveness in the minds of enough Americans to the idea that the greatest, fairest, most humane and just country on the planet was in need of a “fundamental transformation”! And son-of-a-gun, wouldn’t you know it? Fate stepped up just like that to deliver the New Millennial Moses to show us the way…

Six years into the new Exodus, and at the risk of blaspheming the new prophet, I think basic due-diligence requires that we pause to make an assessment in order to gauge the progress of our…transformation. After all, if their aim was to exorcize the demon spirits of the bad America and infuse her with “social justice”, equality and compassion for all, we ought to be seeing signs of these qualities…like early spring seedlings popping their heads up through the soil by now, no?

So as I’m scouring the countryside looking for signs of the new socially-just spring, all I can see in every direction are lynch mobs. Giant skulking corporate-elite-thugs who own the politicians and the courts, turned journalists into hit-men, and the disenfranchised into mercenaries. It does not matter that George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson were found not guilty and cleared of all charges by our 240-year-old system of justice and the “Rule of Law”…they were declared guilty and sentenced by the “Media Mob”, their lives destroyed!  Bill Cosby has been personally and financially decimated by the same black-hooded “Media Mob” executioner on the basis of innuendo and hearsay. No jury, no trial…he hasn’t even been “formally” charged with a crime!

Still scouring…Did you happen to notice the public castrations of Billy Crystal and Blake Shelton for the crime of speaking their minds last week? Billy Crystal said he was tired of “having gay sex shoved in his face”. Within 24 hours he changed his tune from baritone to a falsetto “all sex” fatigue. Within 24 hours of country music star Blake Shelton calling those attacking Eastwood and American Sniper “cowards”, he blamed his slip-of-the-tongue on the “few drinks” he had imbibed beforehand! Who’s the coward now Blake?

My question is, who but fools and masochists would willingly accept a “Promised Land” where the Tyrannical Trinity Attkisson exposes above provide us endless servings of Ferguson Smorgasbords, Deflated Balls, and MORE Government, while sweeping the “unbroken” real news shards of Fast & Furious, IRS, Benghazi and the criminal actions of a Treasonous President under the rug? Who? Serfs is the only answer I come up with, I’m sorry to report. 😦

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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1 Response to America’s Fall from Rule of Law to Trial by Media

  1. Paul Laux says:

    Hello, Chipo,
    Indicting piece against the many braindead! The dolt’s state of denial reminds me of a lyric in a song titled “Cliches of The World (B movie)” one of the songs off the Kinks “State of Confusion” album, “Living out a total misconception , reality, a false perception”…..

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