Israel’s Enemies Are America’s Enemies!

"One More Thing!" ~ NYC Councilman Greenfield

“One More Thing!” ~ NYC Councilman Greenfield

“The dangers to the U.S. do not arise from the arrogance of American power, but from unpreparedness or an excessive unwillingness to fight when fighting is necessary… The Obama administration doesn’t understand the threat…You cannot defeat an enemy you do not admit exists,” ~ Lt. General Michael Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency responding to the administration’s refusal to use “Islamic militants” to describe the enemy.

There were very few men in Washington’s Continental Army who wanted to accept the mounting evidence of General Benedict Arnold’s treachery. The man who plotted to hand West Point over to the British had his fellow Americans completely fooled too…until he didn’t. That’s what’s so dangerously different about today. When Arnold’s peers were “on to him”, he was done and he knew it! With such commanding “intellect” now occupying the office General Washington once held, how has the obvious become so opaque??

You know what I think? I think it boils down to Columbo v Elementary! Columbo was my favorite detective show growing up in the 70’s. His intellect was well-disguised…always to the detriment of the bad guys. On the other hand, Elementary’s Sherlock Holmes is obvious dazzling intellect in your face! Isn’t it funny how the appearance of this same sort of dazzling “in your face” intellect is painted on the face of today’s political leaders too? Yesterday; hide the intellect to stop the crime. Today; create the illusion of intellect to hide the crime!

I mean really! Could you imagine if Washington and Columbo had the trail of breadcrumbs you and I have to work with? My favorite detective show would have been over in 30 minutes! On the other hand the modern day sleuths who happen to represent us are watching friends betray friends, and reward enemies! Nothing but the brightest standing vigilant on the American Watchtowers as the Jews are forced to flee Europe …AGAIN! And absolutely nothing to fear on the home-front by opening our doors to those who hate us and have no intention of living by our laws! But who in the world would hand them the key? ASK…and ye shall find! Maybe we should be our own representatives…again.

There is nothing new under the sun people. Treason and betrayal are as old as time itself. I urge you to watch this short speech by a courageous NYC Councilman. He made me proud to be the husband of a Jewish wife, Step-Father to Jewish children and a supporting friend of Israel: 

Intellect is a wonderful thing. Intellect without integrity is nothing but a tool of deception…the colorful orange rind minus the essential fruit! And this is what we are left with from Albany to Washington…an empty fruit basket on the doorstep of mayhem!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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1 Response to Israel’s Enemies Are America’s Enemies!

  1. Andoni says:

    Brilliant analogy with Columbo v Elementary!!!

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